the lions have their favorites. In the seventh episode of the fifth “cave of the lion”-season three, home improvement help, the fries made from chickpeas, and a cake of grandma got hold of the coveted Deals. The three examples from this week’s show: Long ago, in the Vox, the founder of show types and themes, arriving at the “lions” is particularly good. Some Start-ups put the ingredients on recipes with similar Success.

1. The craftsman-type

Mario ball-Heimer, painters and masters of Hesse, in the “lion,” a problem-solver: the cover flash. His film aims to simplify the Masking when painting. Ball-Heimer, jacket, Jeans, earring, want to have invented the “most innovative product of the future”. This is, among other things, self-adhesive, re-usable, water-repellent and non-slip.

The 48-Year-old has successful predecessors: The drainage Fee that the window latch, Rokittas rust-shock, the Ruwi multi-rake or the Ironing trick, for example. The greatest asset of this business and the with sounds, most of the time in the composite product name: solve your ability to everyday problems. Not all of them are actually artisans, but often tinkerers.

The second trump of this founder: your down-to-earthness. “You are a stunner, and I have to say really,” certified about the cosmetics entrepreneur Judith Williams outflow-Fairy-inventor Karl-Heinz Bilz in the third season. You love craftsman.

But it is precisely in this respect, ball Heimer splits the “lion” in the current episode: Not every act of his persistence. “I have the feeling that you always want to have the last word. And wouldn’t you fit in there,“ about Ex-AWD-Chef Carsten Maschmeyer. The Hesse way smiles at the criticism. The former ProSieben CEO Georg Kofler is confident: “I like you. I think I’m with you.“

At the end of the artisans gets, as is so often the case with inventors-products – a Deal with Ralf Dümmel. Well, that ball Heimer as his Investor already thinks in superlatives: “if not me, at some point, but the cover-in flash will be always.”

2. The hip Food-Start-up

Without a hip food goes in the “cave of the lion” nothing: a Software expert Frank Thelen has established with the Start-ups of the consignment, even a Food family, he will make this year, according to his own statement, more than 100 million euros in sales.

Usually the founder, will show a well-known court – but now made from new ingredients, or a new presentation. And often they claim to be healthier than the Original. Successfully the Pizza that is not made of flour, but Flax and Chia seeds, for example: Lizza,. Koawach, organic cocoa drink with guarana. Fittaste, a ready-meal specifically for athletes. Or anchor herb, a Spice factory, which uses no flavor enhancers.

In the current episode to have invented Sascha and Ina Wolter the “French 2.0”: French Fries made of chickpeas, with hash Browns taste as well as a black, in plant ash rolled version with truffle oil. For the idea Wolter gave up his Restaurant, which was awarded in 2011 with a Michelin star. But not every “lion” is convinced. Maschmeyer: “somewhere in the oven too long, or is this a bit like with a lot of black?” At the end of a Food expert Thelen uses.

The Remarkable in the area of Food was in this episode, but probably something else: The founder of the show focused on the Near-Failure of a candidate. The Start-up Fittaste, known from the fourth season of the series, built for a Million euros, a big kitchen, to cook its meals. “It’s really hard, but it was a complete wrong decision,” said Thelen, now in retrospect. And: “That was a really stupid mistake of me.” It was not possible to produce in such large quantities in the right quality. Now Fittaste back into the external kitchen to cook – and sold all the Equipment with great loss.

of Course, but should not be missing in the Vox-broadcast the positive turn: The Central erroneous decision is corrected, you have “hard learning” behind, is Thelen. You mean: We are still a success story.

3. The socially committed founder

Catherine Mayer sold cake and wants to do Good. Because they are baked in a Munich bakery of around 35 grandmas and grandpas. The recipes come from seniors. Two of them, grandma Annie and grandpa Norbert, has brought the 28-Year-old in the broadcast (Oma Anni: “I’m going to like cake gossip, because Young and Old working together”). The “lions” are fond of the Start-up and the young founder.

cake gossip with social idea, for example, the Start-up Too Good To Go. In the fourth season, all the lions have invested together in a App against food waste. The Deal fell through, however, after the recording.

investors, Especially, touched in the same season, the story of Anna Vonnemann and her daughter Dindia Gutmann. Vonnemann invented for their child who suffered from birth, a stroke and is left partially paralyzed on the world, an artificial organ of balance. With the machine learned Dindia run. With the help of the “cave of the lion” wanted to make it to the two other patients accessible. In Moveaid Meyer and family of businesswoman Dagmar Wöhrl invested at the time machine. Of the product we heard afterwards, however little.

A Problem was some of the social Start-ups to be disastrous, cake gossip-founder Mayer. The 28-Year-old achieved in 2017, revenue in the amount of EUR 250,000, for this year, the Bank is targeting between 400,000 and 500,000 euros. The Numbers impress Thelen. “This is very, very good. I would not have thought of.“ That Meyer wants to help the older Generation, move him very much. Often it was the case that a good Intention is there, but the PS is not on the street would. “Do you have any HP on the street.”

Mayer finally gets a combined offer of Maschmeyer and Wöhrl. At the end of grandpa Norbert and grandma Anni. Granny Anni looks in disbelief at the ceiling and smiles: “We go now just standing in the bed.”


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