A small Winery from the North of France is sold soon, a champagne bottle, the change in Cooling the color. With a foil-coated bottle of the Infinite Eight champagne from Ville-It at Reims is first of all white. If you has reached the right drinking temperature, appears to be a pattern of pink music notes and butterflies.

“This is a first”

The champagne was still to come in March first in Japan, then in April in France. “This is a first,” said the head of the family business, Nicolas le Tixerand. No other winemaker in the Champagne region to offer such a bottle. With the Marketing idea, customers could learn “playful”, when a bottle of champagne was just the right drinking temperature.

According to the official champagne Website, the drink will taste eight to ten degrees Celsius, at best.

ky / AFP


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