the ski jumping world champion Markus Eisenbichler has also been presented on the normal hill in Seefeld in good shape. The 27-year-old Bayer won on the Toni-Seelos ski jump in the first Training with a jump on 105.5 meters.

“With me it is always work. I need to focus. Of course, it’s a bit easier when it’s running well”, said Eisenbichler, the in a further Training run after a dip to 94.0 meters only 21. was. Karl Geiger and Stephan Leyhe made in two passes, a Top Ten result.

Worse, it ran in the years of Elite jumpers Richard Freitag and Andreas Wellinger. The Sachse Friday not occupied the ranks of 32 and 25, Olympic champion Wellinger, came over the squares of 15 and 24. “Yesterday I shut off really, and what made it different. Tomorrow, I want to train smart and then for the individual to qualify,” said Wellinger, the need to be concerned about, from poor performance to the nomination.



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