Nearly 50 years after Neil Armstrong’s first steps in the “sea of peace” with the landing of Chang’e 4, a new Chapter of lunar exploration. For the first time is a success on Thursday morning, a soft Touchdown on the far side of the moon. Minutes after landing, the probe sparked a connection to a satellite in the moon orbit, first pictures to the earth. Twelve hours after the landing of the Rover is launched.

All of the questions in the Overview: Why is the Chinese landing is a historic step? What is the next, and the strategic objectives of China in space? What other world space powers and private space travel company? What role do the Europeans play? We are facing a new race, like in the sixties? Why is the Chinese landing is a historic step?

inadequate mobile coverage is a major issue in Germany currently. However, it was also the reason why, until Thursday, the erdabgewandte side of the moon was completely unaffected by man-made technology. The back side of the moon is its dark side, as you can read this again and again falsely accused with reference to a well-known Pink-Floyd-Album. The moon is illuminated within one of his days, equivalent to 27 earth days, with the exception of a few crater depths anywhere from the sun. However, in the radio shadow of the moon back is completely. Therefore, the Chinese space Agency had kidney before the current Mission, a radio satellite in a sufficient distance to station, to the moon sending and receiving signals and can. Scientifically, especially the landing place in the Aitken basin near the South pole, since there due to an ancient asteroid strike on the surface of Material from deep layers is suspected. The study of the Region could help questions about the history and inner structure of the moon to answer. However, all analyses must take place, because a return transport of samples.

a Mini-Ecosystem is Planned in an approximately 18-inch high tank with 16 centimeters in diameter. Natural sun light is to supply from seed sprouting potato – and narrow wall plants (Arabidopsis) energy, which would in turn produce oxygen. From the Chinese point of view, symbolic silkworms to hatch from eggs, and the plants of carbon dioxide and precipitates also deliver nutrients. Further, the animals are not likely to develop, as they don’t eat potato – or narrow-wall sheets. The experiment in the vessel is observed by a camera, which temperature is to be regulated by controlling the supply of light. It would be the first Time that people on another celestial body would make as the earth’s animals and plants to grow. Background is in addition to the prestige performance-oriented, manned, and befraute long-range space exploration, and space stations around Mars are likely to be possible only if the missions provide themselves with food and oxygen recycling.

far side of the moon Has the moon has a dark side?

in Short, no. But he has a back. It has long been regarded as a mystery, because from the earth it is not visible. Permanently dark, but our guard is not the of the earth facing away from the side therefore, even if, at the latest, since Pink Floyd’s iconic Rock Album The Dark Side of The Moon is magnetized, 1973, about a “dark side of the moon” Fanta. the

it is a fact that The moon revolves around the earth, that he turns always the same side (synchronous Rotation). A circumnavigation will take approximately four weeks. Within this time, the sun is irradiated in turn all sides of the moon. At full moon the earth-facing side of the moon illuminated, at the new moon, the side facing away. the


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