verbockte As Christoph Harting on Saturday afternoon, also on his third attempt, and slightly annoyed from the discus ring of the Olympic stadium in Berlin, trudged, will have the sympathy of a wide base in narrow limits. To very Harting had played before, once again, the role of the Entfant terrible of the German athletics and in a newspaper interview, referred disparagingly to the German champion’s title expressed. The 29-Year-old has also on previous occasions to gather sympathies.

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“German Championships”, he left via the “Berliner Zeitung” know “are always the last nomination contest, where the DLV says, you need to go. It is the last extortion ability of the German athletics”, cited the sheet of the discus thrower. Very to put it bluntly, Harting also commented on a possible title defense at the weekend in his home town and its competitors. “Since the felt 35 years, no other than a Harting bears throw the title in the discus,” he said. To get the now a Martin Wierig or a David Wrobel, he asked rhetorically. “Because of the Pride says: Oh, no. On the other hand, I say to myself: Oh, take him to you, if it’s so important to you. There is little petty more than a German championship title.”

Christoph Harting: “I Could secured not level be”

it was, in fact, one of the aforementioned competitors, Martin Wierig, namely, of the title with 65,39 meters for the first Time. With Harting of Magdeburg had to struggle not to. Not accomplished – namely, because of his Comments particularly embarrassing – to have a valid attempt, from missed the final battle and arbitration without a whimper. The title of the series of Discus-brothers Harting found after twelve years of a rather inglorious end. Harting acknowledged the embarrassment in his own way: “It couldn’t be more level.”

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nothing is Whether it is also a world Cup participation, is currently unclear. Only once the Berlin has outbid with 66,01 meters are the world standard for Doha/Qatar, but it could well be, therefore, theoretically, still be nominated. He left open the question of whether he would be willing. Advertising for Christoph Harting made it to the Finals weekend in any case.

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