The lobster, the foie gras, the champagne… and the truffles. Here is the quartet winner that you will have on many of the tables at the end of the year holidays. But, just like the reindeer, the truffles could well be threatened with extinction, details a study of two british researchers relayed by Slate.

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The whistleblowers are Paul Thomas and Ulf Büntgen, researchers affiliated with british universities of Stirling and Cambridge. In a study that will be published in the month of march, 2019 in the journal Science of The Total Environment, the two researchers blame rising temperatures linked to climate change. Concretely, this could cause a loss of 78 to 100 % of the production of truffles. This is the first time that a study looks at the effects of climate change on the Tuber melanosporum, the black truffle in europe.

To make matters worse, this projection would be optimistic. Indeed, the disappearance of the truffles could happen to a deadline that is more immediate. The reason for this ? The related effects of climate change such as fires or diseases.

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truffles uk ?

Only positive, solutions are already under study to try to preserve the culture of the truffle in Europe. These last are based on the adaptation. Thus, the method of the mulch, cover the bare ground with straw, fern, or pine bark may reduce the impact of temperature variations. Above all, it will probably install of the plantations under new tropics. In 2017, the two men have already managed to produce truffles from Périgord in the United Kingdom.

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In the absence of truffle of the Perigord, in Provence or Tricastin, in a few decades, it may need to get your nose of Great Britain or of Lapland. The advantage of this is that Father Christmas will not need to go far to provide.

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