Our life-style determines how much greenhouse gas we create – and thus, how much each or any Individual in the climate impacted. While some conscious effort to climate protection, nevertheless, so many things wrong that other life, in turn, environmentally-friendly, without even knowing it. Always the latest Smartphone have? Only Once a year, a flight trip? Sweater to wear instead of Heat? Our climate-O-Mat gives an idea of how your carbon footprint ordered.

the main source for definitions and data is a representative survey of the German Federal Environmental Agency from the year 2016, as a memory aid, which has served as Inspiration for the types of Climate. We have considered four types, which differ in their climate awareness and your CO2 footprint. You can about social Milieus associate, scientific studies of recent years have also supplied information on their lifestyle and consumption behaviour (see below). Here you can find a striking example calculations for the CO2-footprints of the tragic climate Checkerin, careless a lot of consumer-conscious climate-heroine and of the covert climate protection – of course, these are not universally valid, but only serve as a first orientation. What type of climate you are most likely to be?

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found to know More of the background here:

what are the factors of the individual consumption depends on natural resources, has studied the German Federal environment Agency with a representative survey of around 1,000 participants from all over Germany (UBA, 2016). the
Of wealth and prosperity resulting life-style and CO2-footprint are all connected to each other – a report by the independent aid organization Oxfam points.The findings coincide in many points with other international studies, according to which well-educated, well – to-travel a lot, people most frequently via airplane, with a few other on a large area living and extensive facilities on average consume energy (see, for example, Ecological Economics: summer & Defended, 2017/Journal of Transport Geography: Enzler, 2017).Travel more than 100 kilometres, make up almost 70 per cent of the total Climate Impacts – the impact on the climate. At least in Norway (Travel Behaviour and Society: Aamaas & Peters, 2017).A higher income goes hand in hand with more air travel, those who live with children, will fly less. Also, people with environmental awareness are less likely to get on a plane, than others. At least in Switzerland. (Journal of Transport Geography: Enzler, 2017).The “price of the Protein,” researchers, for example, a study published in Food Policy examined (Nijdam, Rood, & Westhoek, 2012).Another Team has calculated how much carbon dioxide is for the production of lamb meat in England and Wales needed (Agricultural Systems: Jones, Jones & Cross, 2014). br>
environmental scientist Karine Lacroix has calculated that each Individual can consume up to 22 percent less carbon dioxide, if he or she would consume less animal products (Journal of Cleaner Production: 2018).According to a study, has formed in the past few years, people with high cultural capital is a “Eco-habitus”. You prefer, for example, a Local or things out of hand (Journal of Consumer Culture: Carfagna et al., 2014).”True organic Fans – the shopping predominantly to exclusively so – see […] especially in critical-creative Milieus”, according to a report from Germany, the different results of the study to the theme bundles (IW Köln, 2017). the
Lindner Schuster transparency note transparency note

Antonia Schuster agricultural economist, Michael Lindner mathematician. Both deal scientifically with the causes and consequences of climate change. 2017/2018 they wrote their master’s thesis as a visiting scientist at the Potsdam Institute for climate impact research (PIK).

In the project #clisciety (climate science, energy transition and society) engage with other young scientists for the constructive exchange between climate science and civil society.

2017, you were a consultant and a speaker on the of TIME ONLINE oriented Z2X-conference for new Visionaries, and Visionaries.

what are the rules on TIME ONLINE, as the organizer of the Festival and his do-gooder community Z2X reports, read here.


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