The investigation has ulcerated the framework of The France insubordinate. A poll published Sunday in The JDD has asked the French about their desire for an alliance between BIA and the national Rally (ex-FN). The assumption, never discussed by the two parties, is sketched on the basis of the Italian scenario, where govern together the League and the populist movement 5 stars.

This track is swept by an overwhelming majority of French: 87% of voters of Jean-Luc Mélenchon refuse to do so, a score above the national average (82%). Leaders and activists of BIA were the insurgents of the survey, accused of fuelling the thesis of a reconciliation between the two movements. “No one asks the question,” is annoyed on Twitter Guillaume Tatu, former advisor to media of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. For BIA, this study would only distill the poison of suspicion, five months to the european elections.

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The movement is now caught between two fires. On one side, the RN plays the card of the kiss of death. Marine Le Pen has highlighted in an interview with current Values of the “convergences” that emerged during the crisis of the yellow vests. BIA as an RN have embraced this movement and boycotted the grand national debate, putting into practice a populist strategy assumed. “Jean-Luc Mélenchon is a patriot, he is imbued with the concern for social justice, abounded on RT France, Wallerand de Saint-Just, treasurer of the RN. It takes into consideration the interests of those who are the poorest and those who suffer the most in France.”

“who benefits from the crime?”

Of the other, Jean-Luc Mélenchon is under attack from the executive and its competitors on the left. The government spokesperson Benjamin Griveaux has accused the former candidate for having left the “field republican”, for not having condemned the violence of some yellow vests. The leader of the Generation.s. Benoît Hamon judge that the old socialist left, the “banks of the left”.

In the camp of rebellious, there are reports of a low political manoeuvre. “Who benefits from the crime ?, gliding to The Express Danièle Simonnet, speaker national of France Insubordinate. The ‘macronie’ has an interest in being in front of the RN to embody a pseudo camp democratic party against the far right. Then, it puts in a door to reach the voters of Jean-Luc Mélenchon vis-à-vis BIA. All of this solidifies the position of RN, which is spared.” The deputy of the Seine-Saint-Denis Alexis Corbière denounces with The Express desire to “dirty” BIA. “The project of Emmanuel Macron is to be alone in the face of identity politics and having the only opposition the RN. But others want to elicit this effect foil, as Benoît Hamon. Some interests converge.”

BIA on the defensive

These accusations put BIA on the defensive. They constrain the movement to show white paw and to wield a patent to be opposed to the RN. “I have the impression that the differences have widened, has launched Jean-Luc Mélenchon on 10 January in an interview with Gross, in response to the comments of Marine Le Pen. It is for the monarchy, presidential, against the transition to the sixth Republic, against the referendum revocation (…), against the increase of the Minimum wage.” And he added: “I am a universalist, it is on a line ethniciste.” The head of the list BIA in the european elections, Manon Aubry has pressed the nail on RTL on January 11, on RTL. “All of us in opposition with the national Gathering.”

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In this case, France insubordinate fact the expenses of its electoral strategy. Apostle of populism, Jean-Luc Mélenchon has theorized the emergence of a cleavage between the people and the elites, in addition to the traditional cleavage of left-right. Main victim line: the strategy of union of the left, criticised by the leader of BIA in person after the failure of Farida Amrani to the legislative partial Evry.

No porosity of the electorates

This strategy, combined with a critical discourse on the european Union, can give the impression of an approximation of the FN and BIA. The tribute to François Ruffin Étienne Chouard – criticized by a number of executives BIA – has fuelled this thesis. The differences, however, are deep between the two parties, in particular on the ecology or immigration. In his program “The Future together”, BIA advocates the regularization of all undocumented workers and to facilitate access to French nationality for foreign people present legally in the country and the end of the detention “as a priority for the children”.

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the Sign of these differences, the porosity between the electorates of Mélenchon and Le Pen is very low. In 2017, only 7% of the electorate of the leader of Rebellious have filed a ballot FN in the ballot box in the second round. 87% of supporters BIA consider in addition the RN xenophobic and 76% dangerous for democracy, according to a study by the Fondation Jean Jaurès on fractures in French. “We will continue to conduct an ideological confrontation with the RN, concludes Alexis Corbière. But it remains a political force of opposition to the government.”


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