SpaceX – the spacecraft successfully on the ISS, The test flight of a transport capsule, the U.S. space company SpaceX docked is to go as planned. In the future to get astronauts to the space station. © Photo: Jim Watson/

the first stage of The private trip into space is managed. The seven people put in the space capsule the company SpaceX has docked on the Sunday after around 27 hours of flight time, successfully to the International space station ISS. The capsule was launched aboard a Falcon 9 rocket on Saturday from Cape Canaveral into space. On Board, no people, but a Dummy in a space suit during the test flight. In the future, U.S. astronauts to the ISS in the mission of the U.S. space Agency Nasa with the Crew Dragon to missions flown. The maneuver had gone according to plan, reported Nasa and SpaceX.

traveled for the First time since the end of the Space Shuttle program in 2011, is again in a position for the transportation of people, designed the American spacecraft into space. Most recently, the USA – as well as space riders space riders from other countries – on Russia’s Soyuz rockets will be instructed to bring their ISS crew members into space.

Fully automatic

docked capsules, The Crew Dragon is a development of the Dragon Transport, and flies automatically. You can independently carry out docking maneuvers, and Abkapsel. The previous transport capsules of the company SpaceX will need the help of a robot arm of the ISS.

The Parts of the reusable space capsule offers seven people. In the future, three astronaut to interior and four space tourists, together with your travel to space and back. You will be flown automatically. Intervention of a pilot during the space flight is also planned in the future, when traveling, the Crew, Dragon only in exceptional cases.

the Commercial Crew Program Commercial Crew Program

The Space Shuttle program was the Pride of the United States. But in 2011, it was discontinued after two deadly disasters, and for reasons of cost. Since then, American astronauts depend on the Russian Soyuz spaceships to the International space station ISS fly. The System works, but it is expensive and risky: In the past few years, the price of a ISS-Roundtrip increased from around US $ 20 million to 80 million. And the Soyuz should be deleted, as service – whether for technical or political reasons, there is no Taxi in the Orbit. The ISS would be broke. the

The American aerospace Agency Nasa has therefore taken the Initiative: she wants to in the future get rockets and freighters into space, but private companies pay for flights with their space ships. The companies need to develop their technologies, the Commercial Crew Program this allow. Since 2014, SpaceX (2.6 billion dollars) and Boeing (4.2 billion dollars), the selected Partner. 2019 you want to bring the first people into space.


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