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Whether we will bite for Breakfast into a crisp Apple or at lunch, a fibrous Steak chew, at each meal to remain on the teeth, small residues of glue. It is a covering of bacteria to settle and with the time to multiply – what can bring the oral flora is out of balance. The immune system tries to fight the bacteria, resulting in inflammation. In the worst case, the tooth-holding apparatus ill, a periodontal disease.

Every second German suffers of periodontal disease. Many, without knowing it. This is a Problem with the teeth can lead, in addition to their loss, and possibly to other severe diseases in the body. Doctors suspect heart attacks or type 2 could Diabetes be the result. Even Alzheimer’s disease is associated with periodontal disease. Can protect a good dental health, so from certain diseases?

In the case of periodontitis, the gums and the jaw become inflamed, among other things, bone. Both are formed in the course of the disease, and the tooth necks are always free. It the gum pockets caused to penetrate into the bacteria and multiply. “If the periodontal disease is particularly difficult, can spread the disease throughout the mouth. Taken together, the inflamed area can be approximately as large as the own Hand,” says Henrik Dommisch, head of the Department of Periodontology of the Charité hospital in Berlin. “The immune response in such a case are enormous.”

periodontal disease and Diabetes could. mutually

This has consequences for the body Cytokines, messenger substances that are released from immune cells, can increase blood sugar levels by preventing blood sugar to enter the cells of the body. The body must produce more Insulin to ensure that sugar is transported from the blood. This may exhaust the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas and development of Diabetes.

dental health What causes Periodontitis?

An inflammation of the gums (Gingivitis) or of the periodontium is caused by food leftovers that remain on the teeth. These pads are the food for certain bacteria in the mouth multiply, multiply. Not be removed the first soft coverings, become entrenched by the deposition of minerals. Bacteria can then penetrate the coverings up to the root of the tooth. With time, the gum pockets where the bacteria can colonize. The body tries to combat this by using its immune system. How hard the inflammation goes down, depends on how strong the body’s own defense forces. It is important, however: A periodontitis and a Gingivitis never arise pads without bacteria on Tooth. How fast is the inflammation occur, however, and progress depends on various factors.


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