Okay, admittedly, That was polemic. Of course, I don’t hear that from all the companies. And, of course, there are many companies also complain about nothing. Because they are either on an area on the road, on which there are enough skilled workers: agencies, for example. Or Publishers. These are more of the challenge, from the Abundance of applications, the flutter at the time of publication for you in the (virtual) mailbox, the right of people to choose, is the flip side of the coin.

Particularly in demand: technicians

If the Numbers we look at us once, the following picture emerges: The Federal Agency for work out there with your facts, check regularly the required Numbers. These state, for example, to an advertised vacancy for mechanical engineers nationwide to between two to four applicants.

we Look at regional differences, shows that the market is in the state of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria looks again different: Here, only 1.4 (Bavaria) and 2.3 (Baden-Württemberg) are potential candidates for a job.

electrical engineers are in great demand throughout Germany very much, here it is, mathematically, most of a tie between Vacancies and job-seekers. The Same is true for technicians. This is a huge need nationwide.

So far, So frustrating.

On the other side is also true: of Course there are other people out there who are looking for a new Job. And these are only those who are officially registered as looking for work: of Course, there is the market of the hidden seekers, employees and those who do not yet know that you are looking for.

And here is my question mark coming into the game: Why don’t companies do everything they can to find the skilled workers to Woo and retain, out there, overtly or covertly, on the search?

need an example? I brought you three options for the optimization.

1. Optimization of the Website

At this point, is what applicants want, what companies make far to each other. Applicants do not want to fill out for each employer, a new application form. You want to send your documents either via email or via One-Click application forward, the Candidate Journey study in 2017 of Stellenanzeigen.de and metaHR shows.

applicants to find and contact opportunities on the careers Website and a contact person – and perhaps a deeper insight into the company win than just the description “We are a great, ambitious Team”.

2. Design of job ads

When companies change the perspective and even their ads would look, you should ask yourself honestly the question: “I’d like to apply for this Job?” In the job portals, the own Ads compete profiles with hundreds of companies with similar Bodies.

do not need to be a unicorn, A pink Glitter to it, but to use on their own time, instead of “project Manager (m/w)” “project Manager (m/w) implementation of storage – and conveying technology” can provide for more appropriate prospects.

And in addition to the online presence: a critical view on the own display, in competition with dozens of others at a high school Bulletin Board makes for clarity. Hand on heart – then, who is fond of the cheerful grey?

3. Presence on employer review platforms

slowly, the recognition: the employer evaluation portals such as kununu.com and glassdoor.com not the way to go. And to inform applicants about these platforms.

That time, an employee is dissatisfied, can not be prevented. But to ensure that there is only one profile there and that bad reviews are individually and personally answered, is in the hands of each company.

it should be: critical assessments show the potential for improvement, the company should take advantage of.

professionals to pick up where you live

it is also very different, I experienced the other day up close with a customer in Munich. As the conversation came to its developers, he just laughed and said: “a web developer here in Munich? Forget it! I could never pay, and against Google and the other major employer, I’d have a Chance anyway.“

Instead, he went to the places where there are skilled workers, but hardly work – and found his new employee. Clearly, these are not every day to work for him in the office, but it should still pose no Problem.

as it should by the way be a Problem more when people have children, or your parents want to take care of. Far too many employers can afford still, not to let women to start a family not right in your Job come back. Instead, they are shunted into a siding.

as Long as companies can afford it, is not arrived, the shortage of skilled workers in the minds.

The author is a consultant and author on the topic of networks in the digital age.


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