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you want a drink or something, have a toke on the Joint and some of you also Ecstasy is not just foreign. Does this sound familiar? Last fall asked TIME ONLINE, what drugs you take. Whether you are sitting with colleagues like to have a smoke or in the evening with friends in the Shisha. If you can forego the food on the glass of red wine or the beer after work treat. Over 35,000 readers have reported to us. Thank you for that.

For the sixth Time we have gathered their experiences. This is not a cross-section of the population, but a look into the heart of the life. We asked, what you drink, swallow, smoke or otherwise take, to find noise or relaxation, or because they have no other option, regardless of whether that is allowed or prohibited.

We have data about how often you resort to what psychoactive substances, what do you have to pay for it, or even how they work for you. Have we raised it again by using the Global Drug Survey, the largest drugs survey in the network. For the first Time, we have asked whether they have experienced harassment to sexual violence. These are the results:

Who has participated and who takes what?

Who has participated in Germany, was on average 31 years old. 68 percent male, 32 percent female. The vast majority is white. 70 percent have a permanent Job, more than 80 percent of parties, and back in the Club. Sounds quite normal and it is. The vast majority of people who take psycho-active substances, are not idiots, but have your life under control, and occasionally the High or compensation, without being seriously ill (The Lancet: Beyrer et al., 2016). So relax, get them all riled up or relieve pain, this is the Overview:

most commonly consumed? Of Course, Alcohol. Almost 90 percent of the respondents have initiated in the past twelve months. Beer, wine, and liquor are legal, cheap, to get anywhere, but also not harmless.

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34 percent of respondents would like to drink in the next year. Any help would like to the Twentieth in the process.

One-third of the respondents claimed to want in the next year, drink less, felt uncomfortable with their own drinking habits. For years, the annual consumption of the German drops only slightly. We distributed the amount to all citizens of every age, any of us would in one of the 131 liters of alcoholic beverages that we drink throughout the year, baden. From young to old.

drugs : © Image Source/plainpicture alcohol consumption : For the good? Alcohol : Just not more than a beer per day!

Daily kills heavy Drinking 40 people in Germany. Including people with a long-standing alcohol dependence (Journal-of-Health Monitoring: Rommel et al., RKI, 2016). Drunk driving and violence in a drunken stupor are not included here yet. Worldwide, approximately three million people die every year from the consequences of their consumption (Global status report on alcohol and health 2018: WHO, pdf). And, therefore, more than Aids, murder, manslaughter and traffic accidents together.

alcohol harms from the first drop, as hard as it is (GBD Alcohol Collaborators, 2018). For all those who want to drink less, therefore, it may be helpful to make clear how much you drink and how it is less harmful. Apps such as drink meters for example compare own drinking behavior to that of other people, in the anonymized data available to the consumption of more than 750,000 people. All of them have participated in the past years, the Global Drug Survey.

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24 percent of the respondents regularly draws in E-cigarettes. While less and less people are Smoking, the number of steamer.

After alcohol, tobacco is the drug that is consumed is always the second most common. More than half of the respondents smoked in the past year of cigarettes. You can imagine how harmful that can be. Every year, more than 120,000 people die in Germany alone from the effects of Smoking.

drugs : © Gabby Jones/Bloomberg/ E-cigarettes : Is Juulen the new Smoking?

this is Also why electric cigarettes and vaporizer are probably becoming more and more popular. They seem harmless, smell not strong and fit in every jacket pocket. Approximately one in four people in our survey said that they use E-cigarettes. You may be less harmful because you can get by without the tar and other ingredients that go in smokers, otherwise, directly to the lungs. Addictive you can make but also The amount of nicotine per Milliliter, with a maximum of 20 milligrams per Pod, often similar to a Marlboro cigarette.

popular Shishas: Each fifth Respondent has inhaled in the past year, the sweet-smelling vapor of a water pipe. How harmful that is, you do not know exactly. But that hookah vapor, which is usually mixed with tobacco, just like cigarette smoke, nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide, i.e. substances, which are both addiction-hazardous as well as harmful to human health (FAQ pipes to Water: BfR, 2016).


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