The European monitoring centre for drugs and drug addiction has warned of an increasing availability of cocaine in Europe. “It seems that large quantities of cocaine arrive in regular intervals to Europe”, – stated in the report of the European authority. In addition, there was “a qualitative change in the nature of the cocaine trade”. Accordingly, competition has increased and drug traffickers have developed new ways of smuggling Cocaine.

according to The report, digital trade in cocaine is increasingly playing a role. Encrypted communication applications or the use of crypto-currencies facilitated, organised in gangs and the drug business. Social Media platforms were used to promote cocaine and other drugs. A sales strategy is, moreover, call center, couriers, your customers at any time could supply.

According to the European monitoring centre for drugs and drug addiction Europe to North America the second largest market for cocaine. In the past year, about 2.3 million people consumed in the European Union aged between 15 and 34 years of the drug. While the price remained broadly stable, reaching the purity of the product sold on the street in the year 2016, a maximum.

drugs worldwide is at a record high

according to The study, drug traffickers are increasingly exploiting new markets. Gangs cocaine sell accordingly today, not only in large cities but also in small towns and rural regions. In addition, there is evidence that the drug is spreading, unlike in the past, stronger in Eastern Europe. Possible to the EU authority, according to that Europe has become a transit region for drug trafficking to Asia.

in June, the United Nations reported a rise in drug consumption in the world. Therefore, never more illegal drugs have been consumed as today. In the year 2016, approximately 275 million men and women had at least one illegal drug. The 25 million or around ten per cent more than the year before. The growth in consumption depends on the UN report says that with the growing offer: Especially in Asia and Africa, the cocaine markets would be greater. Global cocaine production had increased in the sequence to the maximum value of the estimated of 1,410 tons.

Global Drug Survey 2019

the TIME of ONLINE calls for the largest drugs survey

take part of What is behind it? Everything about the survey

the Federal criminal police office in Germany, an increasing number of drugs registered in the past offences. In 2017, more than 330,000 relevant criminal offences were recorded. The offences with cocaine increased with an increase of 17.9 percent to

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