Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. To start, keep in front of cravings and unnecessary calorie intake – so the adoption. Therefore, it also means that anyone Who wants to lose weight, is to fill the stomach in the morning. That this strategy is not worthwhile in principle, suggests a comprehensive analysis (British Medical Journal: Sievert et al., 2018).

Although more than 600 studies found in the databases of the topic. However, only 13 of which met all the criteria of the Australian research group for their meta-analysis. Purely observational studies that do not received it, what it ate, subjects, concluded the researchers from the analysis. The selected publications had been carried out between 1990 and 2018 in the United States and the United Kingdom.

General conclusion: There is neither evidence that people are on the increase, if you skip the Breakfast – it is proven that weight lose who writes regularly eating Breakfast, the Team.

an average Breakfast took at the end of every day 260 calories more on

Seven of the studies evaluated focused on the weight changes of people who skip Breakfast. Others were in addition, as the Breakfast affects the daily energy intake. People with different weights were examined, the pieces or waive, either regularly early. They were also monitored depending on the study, between one day and 16 weeks.

the researchers, and researchers found that the early stücker, on average, 260 calories more shots than people who skipped Breakfast. These were an average of 0.44 kilograms lighter. Between people with Obesity and normal weight, the research group could find no difference.

Also, it’s probably in the afternoon, not hungry when Breakfast is omitted. However, the authors stress that the quality of the evaluated studies is not very high. Accordingly, the results should be interpreted with caution. “Regularly eat Breakfast may have a positive effects. But that need not necessarily apply to everyone”, they say.

waiver of, the best diet is not necessarily a strategy for each, and writes the genetic epidemiologist Tim Spector in an accompanying commentary (British Medical Journal, 2018). “Some people like to have their Breakfast and others do not,” he says. The perfect form of nutrition and find out for yourself, you have to experiment around.

What studies on healthy diet, intolerances and the right Mix of nutrients to say? What it takes to eat vegetarian? The topic of diet has dedicated TIME ONLINE with a focus on: “What can you eat today?”


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