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I’ve had to read a coffee problem. Every day in the office I drink two cappuccinos to go with oat milk – from disposable cups. Three reusable cups in my kitchen shelf. And the Café around the corner from there is even also a pledge Cup.

From my socket green electricity comes, I’ll pass on a car and on chips, and the CO2 emissions of my last long-haul flight I’ve compensated: 131 Euro I donated to environmental protection projects, for the return flight to Manila.

Why is the coffee a dusting to serve cups at home? Why is it so hard for me to renounce the cardboard Cup, though I actually perfect am equipped and my environmental awareness will not let me otherwise?

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many people gape, so as for me, environmental awareness (present) and LCA (bottom). The sociologist Peter Preisendörfer called people like me the environment rhetorician. I think the notion of the people that drive the SUV to the organic market. On the other hand: not every Christian who says to be a believer, goes to Church on Sundays. Contradictions between the preferences of a Person on the one hand, and their concrete Actions on the other hand, the psychology of many areas of life – does not know rhetorikern only from the Environment.

To find out why I don’t use my reusable Cup, I’ll call Florian Kaiser. He is a Professor of personality and social psychology at the Otto-von-Guericke-University in Magdeburg, and explores why people behaviour in the environment protective – or not. I describe him my Problem and that it annoys me, to forget the Cup again and again. “Maybe I’m just too lazy?”, I ask him. “Or I working in the morning on Autopilot and grab so any of my three cups, when I leave the house?”

The word “Autopilot” remains Florian Kaiser slopes. “Some of my colleagues would explain your behavior with the Power of habits,” he says. But it could be a thousand reasons why I take the Cup. “Perhaps you fear that you will forget your mug in the office. Or you don’t like how he is in the Hand. Or you don’t feel like the plastic cups to bring back.” Each behavior is associated with certain costs, says Kaiser-not only financial costs. If I wanted to change my behavior, I would pay for it, for example, with a loss of convenience. And then he adds a sentence that scratches a bit of my Eco-honor. “In the last consequence this means that their Motivation to use the eco-friendly mug is high enough to take the behavior of the cost of the Cup.”

It’s so easy to strenuous? My environmental awareness is lower than I am it me? In fact, I have to PACK for me today no paper “CUP!!!” at the apartment door glued or me a reminder into the phone. The To-him-Think of me is apparently too much.

89 coffee mug per second – as we come to this number? Estimation of the German environmental aid

89 coffee mug per second – as we come to this number?

this number is an estimate of the German environmental aid for the year 2014: The organization of 320,000 consumed Coffee-to-go-cups-per-hour. This value is calculated from five factors:

162 liters of coffee is the consumption Per capita in Germany (the German coffee Association 2014)15 per cent of coffee is drunk outside the home (German coffee Association, 2013), 31 percent of hot beverages consumed outside the home, be ordered to Take away (GfK-Consumer Trend in 2014). That’s the equivalent of 7.5 liters of coffee per head per year, the cups in Disposable and not, for example, in the Cup in the Café to drink.The 0.3-Liter beaker by far the most used Cup size (Aral-study), and is adopted in the bill as the standard size.73% of coffee content will be charged per Cup. This is the milk-adjusted value, since it is considered that a lot of people drink black coffee, but about as Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato.

The calculation does not take into consideration that 2014, at least, individual people should also have a reusable Cup used (see point 3).


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