In a spectacular process has been spoken in El Salvador, a young woman after a miscarriage from a murder charge-free. A judge in the city of Ciudad Delgado ruled on Monday (local time) that there was no sufficient evidence against the 21-year-old Evelyn Hernandez. The prosecution had demanded 40 years in prison.

The erzkatholische El Salvador is one of the countries with the strictest Anti-abortion laws. Abortions are prohibited in principle, even after rape or health risks for the mother. For abortion the criminal law between two and eight years in prison before looks. Prosecutors and judges consider cases, in which children come out dead, or shortly after birth to die, but often as a murder – are between 30 and 50 years to life in prison.

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Hernández showed up after their acquittal relieved: “I’m happy,” said the 21-Year-old. “Thank God, it was spoken of justice.” The almost three years that she was already in prison, had been a “hard time”.

Hernández had in April 2016 in the 32. Week of pregnancy suffered in a toilet of a miscarriage. A court interpreted this as an abortion, although the young woman protested that the Baby was at birth already dead. In July of 2017, you was sentenced for murder to 30 years in prison. The Supreme court reversed the judgment and ordered a new trial.

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human rights activists criticise El Salvador

Amnesty International welcomed the acquittal of Hernández. “This is an important victory for the rights of women in El Salvador,” said the American head of the human rights organization, Erika Guevara-Rosas. “It shows that no woman should be falsely accused of murder, only because she suffers a miscarriage.”

El Salvador was now important for the “discriminatory practice, the criminalization of women,” an end to Amnesty called on set. Also, the “draconian rules against abortion should be abolished”. Currently, 16 women are sitting in El Salvador due to abortions or stillbirths in prison.

Help the imprisoned women in El Salvador. The Foundation’s star forwards your donation to the organization Asociación Tiempos Nuevos Teatro more care because of abortion, condemned women: IBAN DE90 2007 0000 0469 9500 01 – BIC DEUTDEHH – keyword “El Salvador”;

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