I come from a typical, quaint mountain village near the Austrian border. Munich is a destination to meet the cultural demands. But we are the exception here in terms of culture. 90 percent of the villagers live in your microcosm of “the village”. This is not bad! Also has advantages, because the life is also easier. Is always the same, but easy! Also ned stupid. Here in Bavaria the people do not like change. “The’s Yes no nia ned gem!!!” is a well said saying: “it was always so!”

There are things here in Lenggries, which would greatly irritate the townspeople, the people would not be here to notice but the time. An Example? For us, it has yet to really snow in the Winter. Half a Meter is the same time. So you have to get up in the Morning, the entrance to the rooms, the two cars ditch and the sidewalk shovel. Then you will continue to run three houses to help the old neighbors that can’t shovel themselves. As well as grandpa and grandma, who live four minutes away, by foot.

Bayern series At Lord’s dahoam Bayern survive or: “Only the Lord God and the butcher know what is in the “Leberkas ” inside” A typical Saturday morning in the Winter

so It is quite normal that you run on Saturday morning with a snow shovel over the shoulder and through the village and various Acquaintances and friends, also with a snow shovel over the shoulder, hits. “Servus! Heid a scho friah on the go!” Of the spouse it was commissioned, the same bread rolls and pretzels for Breakfast to bring along, therefore, there is a stand at the bakery not have a screen, but reject a large number of snow shovels on the facade. Just be careful that you take the right again!

Or shopping! We go in the Winter on weekends in the Early-skiing, because we live next to the ski mountain. Then I drive directly to the shop. In full Skimontur, because it is not profitable, before moving. It is anyway just again full of snow. On here no, if you shop in ski gear.

Bayern series At Lord’s dahoam Is’ really beautiful here! What happens in Bavaria, even if one can hardly believe the man knows – for a very good

We are a tourist town. Therefore, the parish festival is always trying to organize small Events, such as light, Christmas, village, forest festival, or mulled wine, Gaudi. We Lenggrieser go right – is a nice change of pace. There we meet all the tourists plus ALL the other villagers. Including our landlords. This is the Karl. A very nice one. Nevertheless, I always suggest the hands above the head, because I know exactly what is happening now. Karl persuaded, from now on, my husband to a schnapps and Vodka [red vodka with Red Bull, editor’s note. d. Red.] after the other, because it is so funny! Until the two make the mental challenge, in the arms and confirm each other: “You’re really a guy, liaba Freind!” “You!” I don’t think that it is normal that if one meets his landlord three times in the year, it always ends the same way. “Schaaaaatz! I’ve got a headache! Do you have a tablet? I think I’ll get sick.”

Just as the kiosk owner. My son is a grown man, but knows the first name since he was 15. The other day I drove him to school, he asked me, short at the Kiosk stop. “No Problem,” I reply, “I need eh still a magazine.” We go in together and the kiosk owner gets when he sees my son: “Hey, Max! Oida! Ois right? Mogst a Biar? Kim eina! To me tringa now oana zam … oh, shit.” He finished the sentence quietly, as he looks at me. After my punishment look, he whispers nervously to my son: “What makes’n dei Mama do?”

at All. If you have a new neighbor or an old friend coming over, a well-Known what lends or the craftsman makes a customer service, you will be asked: “Like a Music?” This can be a Music, but also six. All depends on it. But at least it’s fun.

Bayern series At Lord’s home, you want to eat real Bavarian? To Guadn! Classic Village embarrassments

Relatively normal stuff, so things that keep city dwellers for the whole of normal, can look very unusual to the village population. Go you in front of the Opera in Munich in the evening dress again quickly at the butcher, the Roast for Saturday pick up. Since you are looking at but, like an Alien from another star. I do never more again. The whole place thought I was’ one of the swatter.

The Charles, our landlord, a construction company, and by the way, a small farming. 21 cows and 12 sows, a heap of chickens and a trout farm. He slaughters everything. As he drank the other night in the garden, the third Music, he pointed out irritated on the cross in the corner. With einschni up the death dates and initials. That the cross for our unfortunately deceased Hamster was Edwin, we are here sad have buried, he found extremely amusing.

Last year, my husband bought here in the middle of the village at the “iron Gustl” professional Grill with Smoker. After we had found that the fits to the car, I was instructed to push the home. A roll Yes, function – no Problem. And the way my husband was. “Forward!” So I gerollert the Grill in the middle of the village …

Bayern series At Lord’s home Thank you for your concern, but we Bayern are getting on with the snow already! My Top 3 embarrassments

The third most embarrassing, I was here, ‘ve ever seen, and, with the pharmacist with the strict glasses, he always looks serious about it, vaginal fungal ointment. The lives two houses and the place is were here with us in the street. Wow, I was so embarrassed. I could only whisper, blushing, “Scheinpilssabe”. The pharmacist-neighbor looked at me strictly, and without a word, the ointment brought.

The second most embarrassing thing to happen to me ever, was in the carnival last year. We were with a friendly Couple on the Mardi Gras and then in a pub. My husband and I were a little drunk, that’s why we have allowed ourselves to be persuaded to come up with in the Almbar. We will go there really never – it’s something … let’s say originally. But is carnival! We thought. There we have made a direct hit on the go in our drunken son of man who just had a lot of fun, but at the sight of us, immediately sober. We also. The son going to meet is shit. For both sides.


Claudia Herrmann says about himself: “I am the best mother and the best wife. And certainly not the best daughter. Perfection, others may not – I. At some point I decided that doesn’t matter to me. This works best with a huge dose of self-irony.”

©Private number three: beer, once again

Of all of all the most embarrassing of my moments in the village was also owed to my son. The moved out in April. He is already 19. Is ok. I’m quite discreet, so I held myself back, and attacked him with a Visit. Needs first time, Bub. Then he doesn’t feel hemmed-in by me, and I’m back in the game. That was my Plan. So after I’ve successfully six months, food and Laundry always passed on the doorstep as in the sterile surgical field at the hospital – barrier! – I ran out last week, the patience. “May I have a time in the hallowed halls?”, I asked, and was actually asked.

I must admit: I would have expected it to be worse. Was even sucked. Bit of garbage here and there and the kitchen, I would have cleaned it immediately, but it went. Until I discovered the bottles in the bathroom. On one Meter fifty of them stacked. I spontaneously estimated to 150 pieces. My point is, the time, the usual Bla Bla Bla her: “Yes, I’ll do the same tomorrow …” Power of the next three weeks, it was clear to me. So my husband and I have started the next day, a surprise attack action, early, rang the bell, the drowsiness of the 19-Year-old exploited, and very quickly all the bottles out. The next day I had the task, the Elevator at the Deposit machine. Just to anticipate it: It 236 Deposit bottles. 44,80 euros.

you Know how embarrassing it is, in the village, where everyone knows, 236 bottles? The were weighing two large shopping, below and above. The bottle vending machine is right next to the village bakery with a variety of Seating options. There are several people drank coffee together. The thought, now I’m a bottle collector. Well, explain that to someone! I was ashamed in any case, in the ground, while I put the bottles in succession into the machine, as someone knocked on the shoulder. Ashamed, I turned around. “Servuuus! S have you a Set in the hospital? Why n i da ned einglon was ‘?”, beams at me, Karl, the landlord, mischievous.


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