Experts believe that there is a sharp increase defaults on microloans in Russia

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the Fall of incomes of Russians against the background of the economic crisis and the situation with coronavirus infection will put pressure on portfolios of micro-Finance companies.

From a review of the rating Agency ACRE, it follows that the fellow will be less likely to repay debts microloans, RBC.

as a result, according to experts, more than half of debts of citizens before MFIs can be problematic.

Analysts warn that in the next 12 months the micro-Finance company will face an increase in reserves for problem loans.

Deputy Director of the group ratings of financial institutions of an ACRE Suren Asaturov noticed that if the operating environment will continue to deteriorate, bad debts may amount to more than half of the total portfolio of microloans.

a number of companies already preparing for the massive delays of payments, said the Director of the relevant self-regulatory organization “Mir” Elena Stratieva.

Over the past day on the territory of Russia has identified 440 cases of infection with coronavirus. Just RF registers 2777 episodes of infection. 190 people were able to heal, whereas 24 patients died as a result of infection COVID-19.

Earlier approved a new anti-crisis measures of support of business.

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