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You have all heard that detoxification and the magical effect of it. These are well-known facts that refer to cleansing the body of various toxins that attack our body every day, and come from the external environment. The truth lies somewhere in between, that they exist and come from the outside environment, but that is not exclusively the case.

As they come from the external environment in the form of exhaust gases, certain foods, beverages, etc. they are to some extent in our body as well. So the most natural way to fight toxins is to let the body take care of it. Our body (unless it is chronically ill) fights it in the best possible way on a daily basis, if in addition to that a healthy life is led and all its rules are regularly respected.

However, various vitamin supplements and the like can also contribute to this. This is even recommended by experts as part of a daily healthy routine. They exist in various forms depending on the individual needs of people.

However, if you want to take care of your body, do not immediately access the fastest solution such as detox. However, before that, pay attention to certain important facts about this diet and determine for yourself whether it is good for you. Before you start thinking about detox treatment, read below certain myths related to this phenomenon.

1. Detox helps to lose weight

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Whether you are striving to lose weight or not, this is one of the most common detox myths you need to know. Of course, this is not true that it can miraculously erase all the pounds instantly. In that case, your task is to burn excess fat, not water!

Simply, maybe your scale shows a certain number of pounds that you need to lose in your opinion, but that is not carved in stone. That’s probably not the weight you need to lose. Why do we say that? The following is an example …

Let’s say you really like to eat fast food, and you see detox as something that will help you. Various sources of information may point you in this direction, but remember that by switching to that, you only lose water. The pounds you want to lose will disappear in a very simple way, just stop eating fast food. Detox can only rid you of excess water, and then that same amount is recovered very quickly and so on, in a vicious circle.

2. Vegetables and fruit juices are very useful

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Vegetables and fruits are recommended as an everyday type of meal that contributes to our healthy and generally good functioning of the organism. However, many equate freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables with their original form. This is not true. The reason is very simple. While squeezing your favorite juice with the goal of detoxifying the body, you are probably thinking about all these effects thanks to the healing properties of the fruit. That is true, the fruit is a great source of healthy fiber and vitamins, but in its regular form.

You don’t get anything by squeezing, and we mean that literally. In the process of squeezing the juice loses most of the nutrients, as we have mentioned some. What you have left is fructose, and then you basically drink freshwater with pulp.
Since you drink it, you can achieve even the opposite effect. Fructose increases the level of triglycerides in the blood, and that in most cases leads to heart problems. So pay attention, not every myth is as harmless as it may seem.

3. Detox helps after the weekend

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This is definitely not true, no form of drink like juice can help you with this. Excess sweets or alcohol from the body automatically affects the function of the kidneys, liver or gastrointestinal tract. Balance certainly can’t be achieved by drinking a smoothie.

Although most people believe that it automatically removes all toxins from the body, in the end, the body fights them on its own. If you do not have serious diseases of the internal organs, then you do not need to worry, your body can only cope with that. However, in some situations, you will benefit from products like Toxin Rid. But more about that product as well as where to buy Toxin Rid read on

4. It gives you more energy

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Maybe after a few days of consuming it, this will seem true to you. However, after a few more days, you will realize that it is a transient feeling of lightness that detoxification just gives you. Don’t confuse the feeling with the thesis of how this method works. This is not true.
When you turn to this, you lead your body to a lack of necessary calories and nutrients. Since they are needed by the body for normal work, this only adds to the worsening of the mood.

5. Detox helps keep chronic diseases under control

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No, no and no. This is so wrong. If you have accidentally read somewhere that detox reduces chronic pain, as well as the appearance of autoimmune diseases or helps reduce sugar levels, forget about it. This is very important to know if you are taking medication for your illness, they are generally not compatible with some types of strict diets. Any form of fanaticism is not good, especially when it comes to a diet like this. Our body is too complex to work on only one diet, and in any case, exclusivity is not the solution. Although detoxification may give motivation and certain expectations due to the initial feeling of lightness in the body, it is still only about the secretion of the hormone endorphins, but not about the long-term result.


We hope that you managed to find some facts in the text that interested you, and at the same time that we busted some of the common myths when it comes to detox. Our tips just tell you to pay close attention to all these promising ways of deep cleansing of the body while getting fast results. You can’t get a slim waist, ​​energy and a good mood from one cocktail of ten strange ingredients.