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fine dust alarm read! In Stuttgart since the beginning of 2016 Routine. At the end of November it was time again, for the ninth Time this year. If the stink doesn’t strip the end of the air in the absence of Wind, should motorists require and female drivers for a few days on Bus and train. But this is only an appeal. Hardly anyone does it actually. Is prohibited in the case of fine dust alarm, only the use of wood-burning stoves, are used in addition to the Central heating. And this prohibition seems to show a real impact. After all.

For the first time since the beginning of the respirable dust measurements in the year 2005, it looks as if Stuttgart would, as the last German city – the European limit are able to comply with. To a maximum of 35 days, the burden of coarse to fine can increase dust about 50 micro-grams per cubic meter of air. 2017 was reached that limit in Stuttgart back in April, this year, there has been but only 20 exceedance days and the year is almost over.

About 20,000 Stoves and fireplaces there are in Stuttgart; they had taken care of a few years ago for one sixth of the particulate matter that is measured at Neckartor. It is considered to be Germany’s dirtiest road. Meanwhile, the proportion more than halved, the load is decreased. The reasons for this are less desperate Attempts like a hundred meters long moss wall or regular cleaning of the air with a Wet-goods high pressure cleaner. “The renewal of the vehicle fleet and improved traffic flow are likely to have already contributed more to a reduction in fine dust values,” says Rainer Kapp. He should know, he is the head of the Stuttgart-based office for Urban climatology.

fine dust What is air pollution?

Dirty it is outside by pollutants from different sources: industry, road transport, agriculture, energy production and nature itself. The cleaner the air is, the less likely people suffering from seizures to strokes, heart disease, lung cancer or respiratory disorders such as Asthma. Also people have proven to be longer, if you can breathe fresh air. The medical journal The Lancet (Landrigan, 2017) estimates that air pollution is worldwide, approximately nine million premature deaths.


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