the Internet rates on Board of cruise ships was excessive. Because the pastime with the Uploading of photos and Sharing in social networks is quickly becoming an expensive pleasure. Therefore, the simple formula on Board is: sea days are reading days.

Some ships, such as, for example, the “Queen Mary 2” are proud of their library: rooms with cosy Sofas, armchairs, desks, and views over the bow. The floating reading room consists of dark mahogany cupboards, are housed in which, behind glass, and 10,000 volumes.


The 10,000 books stocked library of the Queen Mary 2 of Cunard

┬ęTill Bartels

On the ships of Tui Cruises, it’s different: “reading lounge” in the “My ship 2” the hall of books, a shelf corner in the Lobby, with close to 1000 paperbacks. And on Board U.S. vessels with a predominantly English-speaking audience, you should have stocked up before the Drop, with the German reading, which has already been loaded in the Luggage or on the E-Book Reader.

Not only for on-the-go to browse and relax in a Deckchair, on the balcony or in the cabin of our reading tips, which we will introduce on the following pages in the photo gallery. Some of the recommendations are also addressed to beginners who have never taken a cruise and for Warm-up to get a taste with the topic at home with a sea breeze.


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