Germany could be imminent, according to the German weather service (DWD) also in this year, an extremely dry summer. “Should stop the dry weather in the coming months, it could be a repeat of the drought of the year to 2018, or even exceeded,” said the head of the DWD-agricultural meteorology, Udo Busch.

The DWD estimates that the soil remains moist until the summer months under the long-term average, even for the case that it rains a lot. “The starting conditions for the Vegetation are 2019, in many parts of Germany significantly worse than in the previous year.” Especially in the Eastern Federal States were affected. In addition, another extremely dry summer would not meet this time, only the agriculture, but also forestry, estimates of DWD.

in view of the drought and the high risk of forest fires – first fires have there been in the last few days in many regions – calls for the German fire brigade Association of more firefighting helicopters in Germany. Helicopters are vessels with external load for the firefighters makes sense, said the Association’s President, Hartmut Ziebs the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung. “This is a widely practiced procedure, but fails sometimes to the number of available helicopters.” The largest water container believe according to his information, 5,000 litres and can only be used by helicopters of the armed forces ‘ CH-53 flown. “But they are not always available. Here, the Bundeswehr would have to hold a couple of more helicopters,” said Ziebs.

warning to the citizens of

Basically, Ziebs holds the German fire brigades well equipped to fight forest fires. The President of the Association, appealed, but to citizens, to kindle an open fire in the forest and not to smoke near the forest. Motorists should not Park meadows on your car. “The hot catalytic converters can put on a dry Lawn on fire.”

From the perspective of forest experts must be the “forest of the future” diverse, to be able to possible forest fires Paroli to offer. Structure of deciduous forests with different tree species will burn out quickly and do not dry as strong as pure coniferous forests, such as the natural scientist Pierre Ibisch from Eberswalde University for sustainable development of the German press Agency said. “The large-scale mono-cultures in the medium term will fail.”


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