What a child’s heart and glass have in common? Both are fragile and sometimes need to be pretty strong. The owner of the “glass Hennes GmbH”, which has now launched, in collaboration with the Association “bikers for Kids Cologne e. V.” a fundraising project for the benefit of children and young people in Need of rolling white.

photography, the nudity is almost beside the point

With the help of the international award-winning photographer Kristian Liebrand, the company is presenting 13 artful photographs, the “glass and mirror” with the grace of the women to blend in a visual symbiosis. As a calendar, each image is scanned to a size of DIN A3 and shows the models, the month-to-month, in various facets and numerous Connections with glass, and Spie(ge)l(ung). Liebrand himself has made as an artist for aesthetic Nude photography in cities such as Berlin, London, Vienna and New York. His Works are characterized by a unique creativity, in which the nudity is almost beside the point. With his extraordinary images he gives the viewer a lot of room for the own fantasy.

Artful Nude photography to the benefit of children and young people

the proceeds of The art full calendar, 100% of the “bikers for Kids Cologne e. V.”, the houses and institutions for youth assistance is committed to children’s hospital. For example, the members of the Association, at Christmas, as Santa Claus, disguised delight, on their motorcycles, children and young people with in-kind donations. And also hospitals get donations of money, with which game room to be expanded in hospitals. With this commitment, the fragile, children are made the heart a little stronger. If you would like to donate, you can find all the information here.

Fullscreen ©Kristian Liebrand gho


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