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the upsets of the day

You have the guts to say hardly any, but every weekend greets the same misery, even in the still-young season: hand-held games and the Cologne cellar. Particularly bad two scenes in the Saturday evening match, Schalke were – and both times benefited the guests from Munich. That was happened: In the 58. Minute gets Munich’s New defender Benjamin Pavard in the penalty area with a header but the ball is in the splayed Arm. Referee Marco Fritz blows the whistle. To keep Good you have two, that the Frenchman was in a reverse rotation, and the Ball may not be able to see. Clearly a penalty worthy but Ivan Perisics action was. The links on the outside of the wall, standing in Munich had drawn with his forearm free-kick from Daniel Caligiuri to the goal. Referee Fritz stand in front of it and did nothing. Well, the referees make mistakes and that is exactly why there is the video to colleagues in Cologne. But instead of intervene, or Fritz the scene to record again, happened: nothing. Meanwhile, one almost has the impression that the VAR and the more and more detailed hand-game-rules change anything for the better, but make it worse all the. Quite apart from the fact that, once again, the image is formed, the FC Bayern is systematically allocated before.

These goals, you should (again) see

The match between Schalke and Bayern, of course, had his handsome moments. Two to be exact. 50. and the 75. Minute. Both times the extension willing to striker Robert Lewandowski was the focus. After he had shot the Bayern via penalty in leadership, curled the Pole shortly after the start of the second half, a free kick, a maximum of precision in the angle. Nearly half an hour later, then Lewnadowski sucks to be formally a Pass from Kingsley Coman to the foot, umkurvt with a quarter turn of the opposing player and hits the 3:0.

winner of the game day

Timo Werner, the clarity about his future has now finally (Leipzig). Robert Lewandowski, whose contract is expected to negotiate in this game against Schalke (hat-Trick) by itself. Or the BVB, which greets after his awakening experience (Last Minute win) in the table from the very top – there are a lot of winners. This is the only SC Freiburg has probably no one expected:. Two games, two wins, one place behind Dortmund and a place in front of the also undefeated Leverkusenern. Christian coup Team have a game against newly promoted Paderborn to loose lose. You don’t have. Among other things, because they acted with “surgical Cool”, as news Agency DPA writes. So you may not master, but it would be presumptuous for the club anyway. Would be enough if the view would not go in the end, as so often in the direction of League 2. Or in the words of the Coach: “We know where we come from.”

Sung debut Alphonso Davies sings for his Bayern colleagues, the break down in peals of laughter from the losers of the day

Actually, here name as the would have to be from FSV Mainz 05, which has messed up the start of the season brilliantly. But the real losers this weekend are the few decent Fans of third-division club Chemnitzer FC. Not only that, the appointed insolvency administrator is threatening the Liquidation of the Association, the (numerous) right trailer to ruin the last remainder of the call. So some of the traveling Fans have offended in the away game against the second team of Bayern Munich’s own people: especially CEO Thomas Sobotzik. He was insulted with anti-Semitic invective and insults. In addition, racist sayings, such as “Daniel frahn for the home team were to hear that, at least not been a Negro”. The now-suspended players frahn for the home team was linearized with Chemnitzer Hooligans solid. In view of this situation, only a miracle will save the East third division.

picture of the day’s play Fullscreen

Bundesliga debut for the Trainer-strike. Paderborn Steffen Baumgart is the first instructor who gets to see a yellow card. In the second League of England, also the first Trainer with the Yellow flew with Slaven Bilic of West Bromich Albion this weekend-Red from the square.

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Bundesliga debut for the Trainer-strike. Paderborn Steffen Baumgart is the first instructor who gets to see the Yellow card. In the second League of England, also the first Trainer with the Yellow flew with Slaven Bilic of West Bromich Albion this weekend-Red from the square.

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