Just a few days after Christopher Watts confessed to the murder of his pregnant wife and his daughter, spun a of the letter from Tatyana to him. “Greetings from New York”, a wish the 29-Year-old the now convicted murderer. “I’ve been thinking a lot about you,” she wrote to him, reported the Washington Post. “But life is too short to hold back…. so, here I am.” To do this, you put a photo of yourself in a Bikini in the envelope. So he might associate your words with a face.”I know how you looks like, so I thought to myself, this is only fair,” it flirts. “I hope I have conjured up a Smile on your face.”

In November, a judge in Colorado sentenced the 33-year-old Chris Watts to multiple life imprisonment. He had murdered his pregnant wife, Shanann (34), and his daughters, daughters Bella (4) and Celeste (3) – and the police and state’s attorney for a long lied to. Initially, he had reported his family as missing. In the TV of the family father’s tears showed up covered in, begged that his family should come back. However, the investigator did not believe him. An alleged affair and money worries were at the history of doubt. After a few Interrogations buckled Watts a: A confessed that he had strangled his wife in a fit of rage. According to Watts had been murdered before the two daughters – however, the investigators did not believe. In court, Watts confessed to the murders of his wife and children.

murder case, Gypsy was tormented by her own mother – her only way out: murder

pumped Full of pills, in a wheelchair, Doctors: Dee Dee Blanchard was treating her daughter like a seriously ill. However, the girl was healthy. To flee from martyrdom, she saw only one Chance: murder.

Katharina Grimm, Chris Watts, is designed for heartthrob

Locked up in jail yourself Watts to the heartthrob, reports US media. Dozens of women write to him enthusiastic letters. One of them is the mother of two Cancace. Several times she had written to the murderer, in a letter to her Text ends with #team Chris and #LoveHim. You’ve seen an Interview with him and directly attracted to the felt, confessing the 39-Year-old in your Writing. The reason you can’t find also. But when Chris Watts would reply, “the happiest girl” in the world.

Tammy, “a simple girl who lives in a small town,” wrote Watts. It was the first Time that you write to a prisoner, gives you. The 36-Year-old put your letter photos. In American media, there are other portrayals of Watts Fan-Mail.

in Texas, He wanted to rape girls, kill and eat – then a policeman offered him his daughter Katharina Grimm

But how these women, a killer to fancy? This “decades-old phenomenon was not uncommon, writes the “Washington Post”. The perpetrators are likely to become for many women a part of their sado-masochistic fantasy, Katherine Pier, a psychiatrist on the faculty of the University of California in San Francisco. “It is a way to flirt with danger and risk nothing,” says Pier, “the Washington Post”.

“The women write a killer, are often victims of abuse and attract aggressors. If you deal with a man behind bars, you’ll be in the control position. These women are likely to have never a Chance to meet the man, the keep track of. And if so, then you would be in the prison in front of him protected.” The author of the book “Women who love men who kill,” Sheila Isenberg, says less about chasing a celebrity. To be In with a man behind bars in love is exciting. “You don’t know what happened. There are always a adrenalis boost.”

miscarriage of justice to Him 99 years in jail threatened, but a Selfie proved his innocence

Christopher Precopia fell from the clouds, when he was arrested in September 2017 at his workplace. He is said to have attacked an Ex-girlfriend and an “X” in your chest have scratched. Only Selfies could prove his innocence.

Social networks and murderers

Isenberg, a change in the pattern of relationships between these women and the murderers had observed some of the time. Your statement: Online forums and Chats on these topics are popular. Previously, only serial killers and mass murderers flitted through the press, there are now Facebook groups or Reddit Posts that would deal with murderers and their motives apart. “The media frenzy and the Online attention to people like Watts, lead me to the realization that there is a completely new type of relationship between the murderer and the women,” says Isenberg.



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