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a Baby is always exhausting. Because of all the stuff you have to carry a children’s car (amazingly unwieldy!), Diapers (surprisingly bulky!), Baby (amazingly difficult!) and the usual Luggage plus baby care stuff like food and drinks. The US-American Kelsey Zwick, mother of twin girls, had at the last St. Nicholas day, such a journey – with only one of their daughters, but needs a little more than other babies. The eleven-month-old Lucy suffers from a chronic lung disease and needs oxygen to breathe.

The Baby cries continuously, but then some unexpected help,

mother and daughter were on the way from Orlando, Florida, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where Lucy had because of their lung problems in children’s hospital for an appointment. In spite of early Check-ins and window seat the girl was in a bad mood: It cried continuously. Kelsey, who was sitting in the rear of the Economy class, it could not calm down. You tried to explain to those around us that their child was screaming, but otherwise good. How uncomfortable a Situation is, if you are the fellow passengers, as well as your own child a bad Conscience, it is easy to understand. But then unexpected help came, as Kelsey told in a Facebook Posting, on the three quarters of a Million people responded and the have just shared half a Million people.

To the man in 2D. Yesterday you were traveling from Orlando to Philly. I don’t know you, but I imagine you saw us somewhere….

Posted by Kelsey Zwick on Thursday, may 6. December 2018,

The empathic passengers from the first class

Jason Konzelman, first class passenger of the American Airlines flight, has recognized the stress of the situation and responded. He spoke to a Stewardess and asked her if the mother may be helped with a seat swap so that she would have more space for yourself and your child. And that was actually the rescue! As Kelsey, crying of emotion, in the first class arrived and briefly expressed his thanks, was the small Lucy is suddenly the best things. With more rest and more room for the trip was game on once more to the children.

knowing When the airline later that Kelsey’s Facebook, and you-thank you to the Unknown viral, a handle, and the contact between the two. So the mother was able to say personally to Jason Konzelman Thank you. As a result, the generous Stranger now had a name and a face. In a short video interview with “Inside Edition,” he says, once again, the sequence of events. Modestly and naturally.

sources: Facebook / “Inside Edition”


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