A group of Bundestag deputies in order to Green party leader Anna Lena Baerbock is to strengthen the willingness for organ donation due to the possibility of an online registration. The decision to stay conscious, and voluntary and explicit consent are based. The parliamentarians go on exchange to the draft law, a cross-party group to the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), which provides for a so-called contradiction solution.

A Central role in the advance of among other things Baerbock, Left-Boss Katja Kipping, SPD health expert, Hilde Mattheis, the FDP Deputy Otto Fricke and health policy spokesperson of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, Karin Maag, have in-house doctors. You should advise your patients regularly every two years for the organ donation and registration in the online register to encourage. Citizens ‘ offices are obliged to provide citizens with informational materials and collection of identification documents for registration in the organ donation register. You should, however, make any advice.

Spahn, and, among other things, the SPD-health politician Karl Lauterbach presented a Contradiction, that all the German government to be informed citizens aged 16 years and over the period of a year and finally registered as a donor, unless you disagree. The decision can be revised. There is no contradiction, to the relatives after the death of a potential donor is also asked whether the Dead man a body has consented to the removal.

the end of a organ donation organ donation

before someone comes up as a donor question, you need to find two experienced Physicians independently the brain death. This occurs as soon as in the cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem no more activity can be measured. Thus, the organs are not damaged, it must be ventilated to the donor or the donor’s artificial.

If it is clarified, that organs should be removed, it is examined the brain-dead donor on tumor diseases and infections. This is to ensure that the receiver of an organ is not compromised.

The data of the donor to the European exchange Euro to be sent plans of the TRANS. Here is wanted on the waiting lists for suitable recipients. The waiting lists to ensure that those who get the body that need it most. It is regardless whether a Person is rich or poor, famous or unknown to the Public. After the scandals of 2011, the controls were tightened.

are Then taken from the deceased, the organs that he was willing to donate. The corpse is then prepared for viewing and can be buried. The organs are cooled and Packed and get to their destination. You will be transported by ambulance or, in urgent cases, by plane. In the Germany-wide well 50 transplant centers to be transplanted.

The trade in organs, according to the law is prohibited and is punishable by up to five years in prison. Watered-down penalties for the sale and purchase of products manufactured from tissues and organs.


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