Having a law firm means you have to work more than anyone else to succeed. Law is a very responsible profession and one where you constantly learn, adapt and overcome obstacles. It is a tough world with precedents all over and you need to be on top of your game all the time.

To be the best one out there you also need help in other aspects, and one of those that is becoming more important is the web factor. You have to have an online presence that will funnel new clients your way and you need to announce yourself, what you do and where you do it to a broader audience. The way you do that is by creating a website and making it visible and available to the whole world.

To get your views up and your visibility more pronounced you need to have a website that has the correct SEO setup. Now if you are a big law firm you probably have a tech department that deals with this, but if you are smaller than that and you need to hire someone from the outside to make this happen then in this article you will find out all the benefits of doing just that.

Before we start with the benefits we need to emphasize the importance of choosing the right company that will do the SEO correctly and beyond just the basics, and one of those is certainly Everspark Interactive, so go check them out and see what they are all about.

1. On-sire technical repairs


Now, most of you are wondering what exactly are the on-site issues that may emerge, and what a hired SEO service will do to make these issues go away?! The answer is that on-site issues are the ones that emerge from anything you do directly on your website to improve your SEO ranking. Happily, for you, these are the things that are easily fixable mostly because you have direct control over them by managing your website. One of the most common and more serious on-site issues that hurt your SEO rank is the lack of optimization of your website for mobile devices. This is important because you now have a shift in online searches that states that almost 60% of those are carried away on a mobile device, and 31% of those, are law-related searches. To add more to that 74% of prospects that begin a search online for a law firm end up calling the office of a chosen one on the phone. Another major concern that hurts the SEO of your law firm is the page loading speed. If your site isn’t optimized correctly and if it is slow, sluggish, and doesn’t load everything up correctly you will lose customers. The third thing that hurts your SEO ranking, that can easily be fixed is a high bounce rate. This means that most of your visitors are exiting your site quickly or early because you are not providing them with what they need. This is a huge red flag to Google.

2. Advice on improvements


Having someone to correct or improve your SEO rankings doesn’t necessarily mean that they will do the entire job for you instead of you. When it comes to SEO some things are more important and that you need to do by yourself or have a separate department or employees that will deal with this. Improving your SEO rankings means you have to improve your content on the site that will be drawing in and engaging to the readers. You need to have more visuals on the site. According to available data and a few pieces of research, almost 84% of people were convinced to buy a certain product by watching the brand’s video. This is important to know, especially when you add to this that more than 25% of people researching legal topics go to YouTube for more info or during their research. You have to understand that legal information and facts are pretty dry read for most people, and you have to find a way to make it either easier to consume or understand, again most people out there it is easier to watch or listen to something.

3. Google Maps optimization


Any serious SEO optimization company will also include this type of work for you because more than 85% of people looking to find legal services use online maps and around 70% of people looking for a lawyer think that it is highly important to have someone that is your local or close to you. The goal here is to increase your SEO ranking so that Google after a typical “Lawyers near me” search, make it into Google’s local three-pack right after the Google ads for the same query. This is a rather easy way to rank up, mostly because ranking on Google Maps is a lot easier than ranking top on top organic search results. The reason for this is that Google Maps do not rely on domain authority.

4. Links


What a good SEO optimization company will have you understand immediately is that internal and external links are the top priority for your business because they will determine your law firm’s SEO rank. The best way for them to start optimizing is to find any broken links you already have because those can crush your SEO ranking. Then they will do and explain the importance of internal links. They weigh because Google finds your posts and web pages best when they are linked to other pages online whether on your website or any other. Internal links provide Google with the structure of your website which is also an added benefit in boosting your SEO.

As you can see a good SEO service that specializes in law firms can bring you a multitude of benefits, some through their direct involvement and repairs, some through education. Most of us do not understand that SEO companies can do so much when it comes to repairs and boosting your SEO, while the rest has to be passed down and educated to others so these things wouldn’t happen again.

For those of you that are smaller Law firms and that do not have departments that are dealing with these things, having a good SEO service behind your firm is going to give you the boost you need and help you maintain that high for longer.