taking certain HIV drugs can prevent Transmission of the Virus to sexual partners. This was the result of a study by the University College of London, published in the medical journal The Lancet. For the study, approximately 780 gay couples from 14 European countries, each with an HIV-infected Partner were accompanied in the Mediterranean for two years. Throughout the period, is, therefore, none of the non – infected Partner during his life companions- in spite of unprotected sexual intercourse.

“This strong message can help to end the HIV pandemic by preventing the Transmission of HIV and the Stigma and discrimination many people living with HIV fight,” said co-author Alison Rodger. The risk of infection for homosexuals is equal to zero, as long as the HIV-infected sex partners, engaging consistently the appropriate medication and the viral load in the body was in consequence very low.

In the study, the HIV-infected Partner was treated with antiretroviral drugs. This would bring the Virus in the body to a very low level. The results confirm the assumption of many researchers that HIV-positive people, is to be found in their blood, thanks to the treatment, no Virus, not contagious. Other studies with heterosexual or homosexual couples had previously supplied similar data.

HIV and Aids What are HIV and Aids?

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a so-called Retrovirus. It writes its genetic material into the genome of the host cell and forces them to reproduce it. HIV infects different body cells, including important cells of the immune system such as phagocytes (macrophages), and helper T cells that coordinate the immune response. In the result, the T-helper cells either die because of cracks in their cell wall, if you make new virus particles into the bloodstream, they initiate programmed cell death, or be killed by their own immune system, because of this you will recognize as infected.

the infection Is not treated, it decreases the number of T-helper cells, the immune system is weaker. The final stage of immunodeficiency is Aids (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). Aids is inflammation due to life-threatening infections such as lung with aggressive fungi, inflammation of the brain, but also through cancer characterized diseases.


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