Being in love is a beautiful thing and being in love is what everyone should feel. It is a part of your life that all of us should experience no matter what.

We all have found someone and fallen in love, right? We spent some time together and decided to make another move, to prove loyalty, to prove love, affection or whatever else, and we decided to get married. Another pinnacle in life and for most people a great period of life. You and your chosen one get to stay together for the rest of your life.

Is it all that nice and fairytale-like? Unfortunately, not. We all have our differences and we get to the point where certain things are just too much to take on what do we think about? Divorce, right? Well, yes and no depending on the situation you can get divorced immediately or you can try marriage counselling, or trial separation and then if all things fail and you still can’t see you two together again, divorce is the answer.

As you can see today, we will be discussing that topic a bit and we will try and tell you about separation and the time that should pass before the gritty end – the divorce. Thanks to the help of do Essex county divorce we have put together this article and info that might help you out. For anything other please contact them.


Let’s get back to the topic and let us tell you what you need to know.

When it comes to divorces in US alone there is a divorce happening every 13 seconds. Now if you do a bit of math on that you will see that there are 277 divorces every hour or 6,646 of those per day, 46,523 per week and eventually over 2,4 million divorces per year. Those data show that nearly if not even over 50% of all marriages in the US end up with a divorce and 40% of those are first marriages that end up this way. These are the statistics that are not easy to swallow and they show that something is happening. There is a shift in society and perception of roles as well as marriage obligations. Some have started taking this too lightly and with a lack of respect which is, at least in some way, the factor that adds to the picture we have now.

There are also plenty of other issues that may emerge in a marriage that will lead to the same result and those are the things no one should tolerate or put up with. When it comes to marriage, we are all afraid that one day when we come home no one will be there. the nature of marriage is like that, you will always fight, a dispute or at least a difference in opinion, but you will also makeup, correct differences make a lot of concessions and back up and it somewhat balances the entire deal. What happens when you can’t balance it anymore? Well, it all breaks apart and you will get divorced.


There are plenty of reasons for getting a divorce and some of the most notable ones are infidelity, lack of communication or constant arguing, lack of intimacy and eventually the sad part is that the number one reason for divorce is abuse in different forms.

With all married couples some tools and individuals can aid you in trying to repair things before they go beyond repair. There are professionals, doctors, therapists, and people whose career revolves around searching for problems and implementing the best solutions to those problems. People are very stubborn and most of us probably know what the issue is but thanks to the stubbornness we are blind to that and we usually need someone neutral to verify that and tell us what we already know or feel.

Now when we established all the different reasons for a divorce, what and who can help you solve them, how about the types of marriages that can’t be saved? Well, a part of those marriages ends up with a trial separation period to try and patch things up or they end up with a permanent separation aka Divorce. Now a trial separation is a tool you can try and utilize to see what the problem is and who the problem lies. since the marriage consists of two persons, trial separations can help you see if the problem is you or the other party, it can help you distance from everything and help you see things from another perspective and help you start over again differently in hope of patching things up.


If the marriage can’t be saved and if the separation period doesn’t help the last resort is to get divorced. Before you do the main question is how long should the separation last before you get divorced? As far as the legal limitations are considered, there are none. You need to be married for at least a year to start a divorce process, and you can start it right after you got separated. When it comes to separation as a tool for marriage remedy, that can depend.

If you are on marriage counselling and if your therapist suggests trial separation as a form of patching things up, they will usually set a time frame according to your status, issues and other things. If the two of you still can’t function and if you still have problems after that period then divorce is a natural course of action.

As you can see, as far as that time frame is considered it will be an individual thing. If both partners are cooperative and objective you can figure out a time frame for yourself. If you are in counselling you will get instructions, if something really bad happened that is beyond any repair or attempt of repair the legal limitation for divorce you need to abide by is to be married for at least a year before filing for divorce and if that limit has passed you can file immediately after you separate from each other.