Poor you, with your inconspicuous earrings that the ordinary Makeup and the scarf. But Marion, for example, is no walk through Berlin. She collects bottles for the Deposit. Your pension will just about cover the running costs, reported in the “ZDF” in a detailed report about poverty in old age. Rent, water, electricity – to live their a total of € 4.50 on the day. For everything.

people like Marion for example, affect the following generations as a threat. Poverty in old age – a fear word. “I’m still good. And not to poverty,” says Marion Z. “I’m ashamed of myself. I have always worked hard.”

Finance and insurance, These ten money tips to young parents are familiar with Every sixth German has no pension scheme

A life-long toil and yet it is not enough in the age. Who pays into the pension Fund of the state, needs no Illusion: In the age of a will be the money fast. Especially if you don’t take precautions. But the Germans are precautionary muffle. A recent study shows that one in every six saves nothing for later. In the case of the low-wage earners, it is even almost every third party who has no private pension. While most of the German it clear that the pension will not be enough. But in the case of the monetary system you hold dear, your savings book – instead of the correct strategies for the retirement to acquire.

But when should you start Saving? Does it have to be actually in the study? And: is it Worth the entry even if it is long about 40? Depending on your life situation and income, the next question arises: How high are the monthly Rates, so that you grow old enough to live on?

care will not cover costs Where the home is worth as a pension scheme

Germany’s property owners are betting that the house or apartment of your own finances later in the care. However, the long time does not work everywhere – in many regions, the value of the property is barely enough to pay for a place in a nursing home.

Up to 50 percent of the net content of

The consumer Central North Rhine-Westphalia and Bavaria have expected for the “business week”, which amounts must be saved, if you want to have at the age of around 80 per cent of the former income. As an example, invoices, there are low-income earners with 1600 euros gross wage, the average wage in 3133 euros per month, and a high-earner with a gross salary of 6000 Euro. All savers are 30 years old and go to work for 45 years in the year 2055 in a pension. Goal of saving, it is according to the invoice to have up to the age of 90 years, over 80 percent of their current purchasing power. A inflation is assumed at the rate of two percent and a pension adjustment of 1.5 percent.

The result was shocking: The earlier you start and the higher the salary, the less you have to save. Not good news for low-wage earners. Overall, you would have to lay between 20 and 54 percent of its current net income.

pensions and retirement: Saving Early

to start, Depending on whether to save the savers in eight or 15 years begin to change the totals. The low-income earners have to save – if he starts the same – 295 Euro per month. That’s the equivalent of more than a quarter of his net income. He waits until he is 45 years old, it’s even more than 54 per cent. The average earner must plan for 23 percent of net salary, i.e. 461 Euro per month – if he starts immediately with the Sparerei. He waits another 15 years of retirement, nearly 1000 euros per month and thus smooth 50 percent from the net income.

With how little I can live with? WDR-Experiment: Save, save, save until it hurts

The WDR makes a family to radically savers: how Much do I really need to life – this question will be answered. However, the methods are questionable and in the end the audience can expect an all-too-banal Finale.

Also, Tom Friess, head of the VZ asset centre in Munich, expects the “Focus”. If you want to have 1000 Euro pension later, you must save 190.000 euros (at an assumed interest rate of 4 percent). Monthly Rates 255 Euro (in the case of 30-Year-old) up to 575 Euro (in the case of a 45-Year-old). Unlike the account of the consumer is Central, it is only 1000 Euro pension – not the really receipt the purchasing power and standards of living.

Invest in ETF, No Plan shares? So the money investment for Dummies By Katharina Grimm

The social Association of Germany-offers a first orientation, whether or not you have to make to old-age poverty really Worried. A quick check on the net helps. Also, the Stiftung Warentest offers a retirement calculator that helps to estimate the necessary Savings.

Inherit and inheritance taxes: Ten tips for parents your children are not meant ums heritage Fullscreen

bring The will under for married couples,

The so-called Berliner Testament is a last will and Testament, in the writing of two spouses together. Therein is regulated, that in the event of death, each other’s sole heir. It is only when the second Partner has died, is a third-party to its heritage. These have selected the two spouses during their lifetime together, and in the “Berliner Testament” listed. Normally, these are the common children of the couple. Benefits: The Partner will secure yourself financially to each other, the money remains in the family and in patchwork families can inherit, in this way, the step-children.

such A Testament of pitfalls but holds, particularly, if it is not individually adapted to the current situation. Normally, the “Berliner Testament” can not be changed after the death of a partner. Unless the couple have written some of the extra clauses. Then the widower or the widow is allowed to change everything. You can also set that may change the Erbquoten, but not the circle of heirs.

another disadvantage is a high inheritance tax. A Few leaves behind a considerable fortune, so the Treasury from collected twice: First to the surviving Partner, the inheritance tax has to be paid, after his death, again the children. A “normal” Testament is revocable at any time, and lets you have all the freedoms. It has to be composed in writing, with place, date and signature.

With a contract of inheritance can be determined already during the lifetime of a binding, who are heritage and something from the estate. Farmers and self-employed craftsmen rules as a result, the successor. Nevertheless, the testator has the right freely to determine his assets, as long as he lives.



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