Migration has been an important aspect of human mobility since ancient times. Much like prehistoric times, people today migrate from one nation to another either in search of better opportunities or to avoid unfavorable situations back home. But immigrants who do not hold legal citizenship are treated less favorably by the state and society in almost every country.

To make the most of living in another country immigrants often try to secure the legal citizenship of the country to which they have migrated. One way of going about this process is to obtain residency through investment with the help of legal firms and establishments offering services in this regard. While this might sound like buying citizenship in another country, the process is not that simple.

Most people considering investment residency treat this as a way of attaining alternate citizenship as it has many benefits and newfound opportunities. Different countries have different rules regarding this type of citizenship. The US welcomes people looking to invest in the economy and has simple steps and easy requirements.


Investment Residency: What It Means

Are you looking to obtain investment residency in the United States? You’re at the right place. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about residency through investment in America. But before you learn more about getting a chance to live the American Dream, first let us establish what investment residency means and what benefits it has in store for you.

Investment immigration is the process through which one can gain citizenship in a foreign country by investing in its domestic economy. In other words, this is the system through which countries generate capital from citizens of other countries in exchange for citizenship. The investors, on the other hand gain legal rights to live in the country they’ve invested in.

This kind of residency has numerous benefits for the investor. In such cases, you can obtain the privilege of fast-tracking the process of citizenship. You can also secure easy access to opportunities like better educational facilities, healthcare services, and career prospects for yourself and your family. Additionally, you also have relief from any unpleasant scenario in your home country and increased freedom in terms of mobility.

In short, investment residency has many possibilities and newfound opportunities for you. However, accessing this is not as simple as it sounds. Different countries have different policies regarding investment residency, ranging from stringent to lenient. Read on to discover the investor citizenship criteria and process in America.

Investment Green Card: Criteria

Getting an investment Green Card is a simple process in America. Our government welcomes investors from all over the world with open arms. However, there are some requirements that you must fulfill for this process. You must:

  • Make an investment of around $1.8 million in total. That includes investing $900,000 in predetermined employment areas.
  • Prepare a business plan representing how your investment will benefit the US economy and why it is vital.
  • Generate and maintain employment opportunities for ten or more full-time jobs. These should be for US citizens.
  • Invest in a business started after November 29th, 1990. Another option here is to purchase an existing business and remodel it completely.
  • Play an active role in your company, showcasing your role as indispensable for securing an investment Green Card.
  • File the required paperwork to show the source of your income. That is because you must prove that your investment is being made from legal money.

Steps To Take To Get Your Residency Through Investment

Now that you have learned what an investment residency is, how it works, and the requirements you must fulfill to be considered, let us see how you can go about fulfilling your American Dream. Observe the following easy steps to become an US investor citizen in a few months:

1. Figure out your migration goals and expectations and tally your resources:

The first thing one has to do while trying to obtain residency through investment is to conduct thorough market research and analyze your goals for immigration. Begin by asking yourself pertinent questions like whether you want permanent citizenship someday, how important quick migration is in your case, and what kind of facilities you want.

After analyzing your individual requirements, tally your resources to get an estimation of the amount you can invest. Make sure to meet the minimum requirement, which is 1.8 million dollars in the case of the US.


2. Identify the right business project:

After getting an idea about how much money you can invest, pick the right businesses to consider. Choose companies you would like to invest in and the regions you would prefer for them to be located in.

3. Keep your paperwork ready:

Make sure that all your documents are ready to be produced when they are required to save yourself some time. You must prove that your income is legal and that you would generate and maintain employment for at least ten American citizens.


4. Contact a lawyer:

After you have prepared yourself, contact an immigration lawyer to help you with the proceedings. Working with an experienced lawyer is always more comfortable, although it might be expensive sometimes.

5. Fill out the required forms:

The next step is to fill out all forms and hand them in. In the case of the US, you would be filling out form I-526. Pay attention to detail and fill out all columns with extra care. Submit the form on time and wait for a response.

6. Here is your Green Card, but we have a condition:

You must now wait for some time, generally around half a year. You will receive a permanent resident card allowing you to work permanently in the US if the authorities accept your application. That remains valid for two years and is called a conditional Green Card.



After securing your permanent resident card or a Green Card, have the conditions removed. For this, one has to fill out Form I 829 and wait for a response to arrive. You must submit this three months before the date of expiration of your two-year limit. Here, you must prove that your business has met all the criteria set at the beginning, after which you shall get a permanent Green Card. As a bonus, you can also choose to obtain permanent citizenship of the US after this.