On his journey in the direction of formula 1 Mick Schumacher takes the heritage of his father. Now, if to 50. Birthday of Michael Schumacher on Thursday as much about the record world champion is written and sent, is also often from the next HP-the Talent of the family. With the rise in formula 2 this year, Mick Schumacher will be more than ever in the light of the headlights, always measured by the milestones of his dad’s. “I’m glad if you compare me with my father. He is my Idol, he is to look up the I,” says the 19-Year-old and smiles, this is so typical of Schumacher-Smile.

The look, the gait, the sound of his voice – a lot of feel to the great Michael reminded, if you encounter Schumacher junior. Also, because of the father, since the consequences of serious skiing accident has disappeared five years ago from the Public, serves as a Mick, in the meantime, as

the new projection for the unbroken Schumacher-admiration. Recently in Hockenheim, a Fan pushed in front of the TV cameras that showed on his forearm next to a Ferrari Logo on an allegedly ancient signature of Michael, and a freshness of Mick.

Mick Schumacher takes hype externally left

The Filius takes the growing hype, at least outwardly, calm. “It was always so. This is normal for me. If you don’t take someone who is so used, and, in my Position, it might be a little different. I had time in there to grow. This helped me a lot,” says Mick Schumacher.

the most successful formula 1 driver racing God and lovely figure: Michael Schumacher is 50

That he is able to cope with the enormous pressure of expectations yet, he proved, at the latest, with its Triumph in the formula 3 CHAMPIONSHIP last year. In the new season, Schumacher is driving in the formula 2, which discharged their race in the program of the formula 1. The media Hype about the next “Schumi” is likely to be so for the time being even greater.

Mick Schumacher, but seems to be fixed, and obviously knows how to deal with it. “He is a splendid young man. He is so balanced, it also shows how the family have the Whole hand. You will find in Mick not even a hint of arrogance or exaggerated Self-consciousness,” says the former head of Mercedes Motorsport Norbert Haug in an interview with the German press Agency, the Schumacher-Scion.

Norbert Haug: Mick knows more than his father of the same age

Haug what he’s talking about. The 66-Year-old Michael Schumacher has accompanied around 30 years ago, a piece on his way to formula 1. As a racer, Schumacher was a great talent, off-track, but rather reserved and, at times, awkward. Son Mick works in comparison with more Mature and well prepared for the side effects of his great Name.

formula 1 legend For 50. Birthday of Michael Schumacher: family turns with a message to the Fans DPA

Quite similar to his father polished Mick Schumacher, his Talent, first on the kart track, at that time under the family name of his mother, or as a “Mick Junior”, in order to escape the attention. It is the usual racing circuit from the formula 4 to now followed in the formula 2. In addition to the slopes, Sabine Kehm, also advised already father Michael, protected by the Manager wrote Mick 2018 this is so typical of sports stories.

all the people in the Belgian Spa-Francorchamps, Michael Schumacher in 1991, competing in his first formula 1 race in the best and in 1992, his first Grand Prix, won, won Mick his first success in formula 3. “If it were a Hollywood film, you would not believe it

” says Norbert Haug. Because suddenly Mick Schumacher victory to victory, to him in Hockenheim, the European title was safe. “You don’t do that, because the sun shines in the exhaust, but because you can handle the accelerator and the steering Wheel is fine,” says Haug.

The question is: what drives Mick in the formula 1

Since then, Fans and marketers, the question is whether it will create, according to Michael and brother Ralf is another Schumacher in the formula 1, but rather, what time is Mick in the Premier class hires.

Severe skiing accident five years Ago, the old life of Michael Schumacher ended up as the fascination for Schumi DPA

Ferrari and Mercedes have already interest. “He has great Talent, as had his father,” says Mercedes Superstar Lewis Hamilton, who clinched his fifth world title, and now even the biggest records of Michael Schumacher chases.

Hamilton is at 7. January 34, he is planning at least two more years in the silver arrow and could meet Mick Schumacher is still on the track. The necessary super licence, the young driver has his EM-Triumph already in the bag. Before he dares, but in the formula 1, he wanted to be “100 percent ready for it,” says Mick Schumacher.

Nico Rosberg: It is difficult to

Nico Rosberg, another world champion-and son, has this way. Long, the native of Wiesbaden fought back to be only as the Scion of the erstwhile Champions Keke Rosberg perceived. “It is difficult, when the whole of Germany looks on him. It is not important for him that he loses the pleasure of Driving,” says Nico Rosberg about Mick Schumacher.

Eleven years of Rosberg in the formula 1 start-up, before he won like his Papa, the world Cup. Then he stepped back immediately, with just 31. The father and the son as a formula 1 world champion, had done that previously, only the British Graham and Damon Hill. It would be the fairytale dream of many HP Fans, should Mick Schumacher to join this exclusive Club in a few years.

tis/Christian Hollmann and Jens Marx / DPA


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