eggs are the ghosts known to be: Beautiful liquid it must be for a, so that the toast bread in it dunking. Soft and creamy, it tastes the best. Then there are those who prefer your Breakfast egg half cooked with the wax soft core. And for a – admittedly – small part of the perfect egg is hard-boiled through and through. In General, an Egg of medium size and have to bathe for about eight to ten minutes in the bubbly hot water.

An unwanted side-effect of cooking an Egg for too long in boiling water, forming a green-blue edge around the yolk. That looks disgusting, and many people fear that the discoloration could be unhealthy. But is it really true?

Blue-green Yolk: When sulphur and iron

merge in The lower Saxony state office for consumer protection and food safety (Laves) arrive to occasional inquiries from anxious consumers. Tenor: Can you eat, or the way it must? The authority of your Homepage to make it clear: The discoloration was not “harmful” and lead in terms of taste no impairment.

cholesterol bomb? Of due! Chicken eggs are a lot healthier than I thought

The blue-green color comes from a natural reaction in the Interior of the ice: boiled egg too long, the egg Yolk existing iron and sulfur compounds from the egg whites. This iron sulfide, the shimmers of nature, green. The blue-green edge, because only the surface of the egg Yolk is in contact with the egg whites. For this reason, the Inside of the egg Yolk remains yellow in spite of the long cooking time. In accordance with the Laves, the reaction usually occurs after more than ten minutes in the bubbly hot water.

Unhealthy, the color is so not – all unappetizing. Those who want to spare themselves the sight, should free his Egg after approximately nine minutes from the water bath.


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