The National security Advisor of the United States, John Bolton, has drawn a positive conclusion of his talks with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and other government representatives in Moscow. His discussions there had been “a very comprehensive and constructive,” said Bolton in Moscow after Meeting with Putin in the Kremlin.

Bolton’s trip to Moscow took place after the announcement of US President Donald Trump, a major disarmament agreement with Russia to terminate, in 1987, a whole class of nuclear weapons capable medium-range missiles had been abolished. After that, Trump Russia and other countries threatened the nuclear Arsenal of the USA to expand.

The disarmament Treaty have taken in the discussions with Putin, larger space, said Bolton. The contract had to be overcome: It was a “bilateral Treaty of the Cold war,” in a world that “had become multipolar”. It was a deficit that countries such as China or North Korea were not bound by the provisions of the Treaty.

for his part he had “continuing concern” to the US government about the interference of Russia in the US election approached, said Bolton. This was “particularly harmful for the Russian-American relations” without Russia, said Bolton.

according to the news Agency AP reported, came Vladimir Putin in the search for a common consensus on the Great seal of the United States to speak. This shows a bald eagle, holds in one claw an olive branch – a Symbol of the peace and in the other arrows.

“I have a question: Has picked your eagle all the olives and it is only the arrows are left?” Putin laughed, and Bolton replied, “I’m going to give you can hopefully give you the answers. But I have no olives brought in.“ “I thought to myself” that returned Putin. And played on the coat-of-arms saying that the eagle holds in its Beak “E pluribus unum” – “Out of many, one”. The reflectance, but also the need to come in spite of different opinions to a common viewpoint.

The announcement Trumps the so-called INF Treaty led to worldwide concern in a nuclear arms race. The Federal government responded worried and called for consultations by the United States. The United States and Russia accuse each other of breaking the Treaty.

Bolton is Trumps National security adviser. He held since Monday in the Russian capital for talks. There he met, among others, the Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

In the common talks, Bolton, Putin also said that Trump would wish to have a conversation on the sidelines of the commemoration of the end of the First world war a hundred years ago. Putin appeared open to the proposal.

“It would be helpful to the direct exchange with the American President to continue,” Putin said then. This is true “, for example, in Paris, when the American side is interested in”. It was “possible and necessary” to find convergence points.

Trump had said in the beginning of September, for world war commemoration on the 11. November in the French capital to travel


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