How does anyone manage to keep the kitchen clean all the time? The fact is that in most households, the kitchen is used every day, which leads to the fact that it is often the most untidy room in the house. However, considering that food is prepared in the kitchen, it is necessary for it always to be clean, but also to look nice. Who doesn’t feel better when everything is in its place. If you think this is a mission impossible, we have to reassure you. In this article, we share with you a few easy ways to keep your kitchen clean all the time.

1. Do not soil the countertop unless necessary

Many people use the countertop to prepare food, chop vegetables and fruits, knead dough or perform other tasks that leave a lot of clutter behind. And if you get tired at the end of meal preparation, you probably won’t have the energy and will to thoroughly clean your whole countertop. That is why we always suggest that instead of this surface, you use plates, cutting boards, and other utensils that will leave the countertop much cleaner. After this, you will not have to spend too much time in the kitchen cleaning up the mess behind you.

2. Keep a trash can within your reach


If the trash can is not nearby, you will be tempted to leave the trash on your counter and completely forget to take it out for a few hours. In addition to being messy, this is also unhygienic, so you want to put all your trash in the can on time. Keep trash can always at hand so you can easily dispose of all excess food, packaging, and more. If you are bothered by the unpleasant smell of the trash can, sprinkle baking soda on its bottom and wash the can regularly to keep it clean.

3. Get in the habit of washing the dishes before bed

The fact is that the bigger the clutter, the less you will have to tidy up the kitchen because this process seems too long and too tedious. And this is really true, so we suggest that you regularly clean the kitchen so that you do not get into the demotivation phase. It is a good idea to get in the habit of washing your dishes before going to bed. Before you check out for the night, wipe all the dishes and put them in their place. When you wake up in the morning and see an empty sink, you will feel much better and be more willing to clean up the small mess that is created during the day.

4. Set aside a few minutes a day each day to quickly clean the kitchen


Not every kitchen cleaning has to involve a multi-hour process. The best thing you can do to keep your kitchen clean at all times is to set aside a few minutes each day for quick cleaning. This ensures that all parts of the kitchen are covered and that everything will be cleaned at least once during the week. Wash all dishes, wipe the shelves and clean the tiles. If you need help during this process, you can use the tips shared by Carters. Having an optimal cleaning routine ensures that your kitchen always shines.

5. Make sure the sponge is always clean

A kitchen cloth and a sponge are the perfect base for the development of microorganisms, because they are pretty much always moist. Therefore, it is necessary to change them regularly to ensure that they are completely clean, hygienic and safe to use. If you are not able to use a new sponge every day, you can clean it by putting it in boiling water and keeping it there for a few minutes. Make sure that the sponge is always clean so that it adequately performs its function and does not pose a threat to health.

6. Wipe the fridge every now and then


Don’t forget that the refrigerator is the place where you store most of your groceries. That is why it is necessary for it always to be optimally clean. Take the time each week to thoroughly wipe the refrigerator and refresh its shelves. Check all foods and throw away those that have expired or spoiled. Sprinkle a little baking soda to neutralize the unpleasant smells of food in the refrigerator and raise its purity to a new level.

7. Vacuum food crumbs

Crumbs often fall to the floor during food preparation. If you don’t vacuum them right away or pick them up with a broom and spatula, there’s a good chance they’ll stay there. Food scraps attract various insects, some of which are very persistent and difficult to eliminate from the household. Make sure you always vacuum or clean up leftover food on time so you don’t find yourself at a disadvantage.

8. Make cleaning agents easily accessible


When cleaning products are not in your field of vision, it is likely that you will not have the will to reach for them every time to wipe the kitchen. This can lead to the accumulation of dirt and the overall not that attractive appearance of the kitchen over time. To prevent this, we suggest that you have all the products you use for cleaning and refreshing the kitchen at your fingertips. This will ensure that you get into the habit of constant, short, cleaning and that your kitchen looks much nicer and cleaner.


We all like our kitchen to look clean, but it is not always so easy to achieve. Sometimes life just happens, and it becomes difficult to keep the kitchen in perfect order due to the numerous obligations we have. However, with these simple and practical tips, you can very easily become a person whose kitchen always looks dashing. Sometimes the most efficient things are also the easiest ones. If you make an effort to acquire a new habit every day, in a few months, you will realize that your kitchen is always in perfect order and that you feel much more satisfied. It doesn’t have to be too complicated, you just need to make it work!