Write more long E-Mails or WhatsApp messages on the phone and not fret that it goes faster? With an external keyboard, you can put the Smartphone out of your Hand, and your texts within a few minutes down to write. How to connect your phone with an external keyboard, and what you need to consider when you Connect, you can find here.

to connect the keyboard and the phone to each other

1. Bluetooth keyboard

The first way is to connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth to an external keyboard. For this you need a Bluetooth keyboard for Android users or a keyboard with Bluetooth function for Apple users (alternatively, there is also a foldable keyboard for both providers) – these you need to turn on only after you have activated the Bluetooth feature on your Smartphone. To find out whether your device has recognized the keyboard, look in the settings according to the table of all available Bluetooth devices are displayed in the vicinity. Then click on the correct name and connect the Smartphone and the keyboard together. The keyboard is detected, you must enter on your Smartphone, probably a PIN (one time) – after that, you can start Writing.

2. PC-keyboard

another way to keep your Smartphone to an external keyboard or a Magic Keyboard to connect, via your own PC: If you have a Computer, you can use the associated keyboard, to connect them with the phone. Assuming you have a stable Wi-Fi connection and the Open Source App wifi keyboard for Android or Apple. A special Software is not required in the case, because access via the Browser. After successful Installation of the App, do the following:

Go into the settings, select the “keyboard settings” and set the wifi keyboard hook.Now click on the App, in the you something to want to write (for example Whatsapp or Outlook), the text field and change the input method.You should now see a list of available keyboards, and can choose the App or the wifi keyboard. Or also retroactively to the default keyboard.Finally, you open your PC Browser and enter the IP address that was displayed in the App after the Installation.

Everything you enter in the text box of the browser, it lands in the text box of your mobile phone.

3. On-The-Go

Alternatively, you can also use USB OTG (On-The-Go) – assuming both devices support USB-OTG Standard. Can find the quite easily using the Easy OTG Checker App. The corresponding USB-OTG-Adapter Android-users for a little bit of money on the Internet, iOS Users also find (an additional App is not required). Then you only need to connect the keyboard with the Adapter and connecting your mobile phone. The connection will be made automatically, so you can start typing immediately.

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