The habitats of the highly endangered barbastelle bat should be improved in Germany. The Federal Ministry for the environment announced that a project will start to receive the type. A high proportion of their world population is in this country. In Thuringia, Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse and lower Saxony, as well as on federally owned land in the future, forests should be managed back to nature, old trees secured and the core areas are no longer used for forestry. Because The species of bat is dependent on near-natural forests with plenty of deadwood.

your name for the barbastelle bat, the pug-like snout owes. In the fifty years up to the seventies, the stock fell dramatically, because habitats were lost. In addition, the increasing use of pesticides in agriculture led to a considerable decline in the food supply for the barbastelle bat, which feeds on small insects. She survived in Germany and Western Europe in only a few areas. Intensive forestry and the degree of fragmentation by roads, decimated the habitat.

Decisive for the effective protection of the barbastelle bat, a sustainable forest management, by the you have enough quarters, and insects are available as food for “is,” said Beate Jessel, President of the Federal office for nature conservation. The project has a total volume of 5.44 million euros. Of the Ministry of the environment provides in the framework of the Federal programme for Biological diversity 4.3 million euros.


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