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Labour calls for second Brexit Referendum (18.53 PM)CDU politician Volker Bouffier suffers from skin cancer (15.02 hrs)Hamburg public Prosecutor’s office: proceedings against Jan Ullrich provisionally set (14.03 PM)”Fiat Lux”-the founder “Uriella” died (12: 44)Baby abused and beaten to death: the verdict against 19-Year-olds (10.51 PM)

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+++ 18.53 PM: Labour calls for second Brexit Referendum +++

The British Labour party backs the call for a second Brexit Referendum. The largest opposition party announced in the United Kingdom. Previously, Labour wants to try to convince the government of its own Brexit plans.

With the step, a “harmful Tory-Brexit should be prevented on the basis of Theresa Mays the majority of the nixed Deal,” was head of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn quoted in the statement. His party will submit a request to either myself or support it, Corbyn.

On Wednesday, the wool of the party in the upcoming vote on the other Brexit-steps to try, but first of all, the government to clearly commit to the Labour demands, stressed Corbyn, according to the announcement. In addition, the party will support a move that May set a force to Move the EU-exit, if until the middle of March no exit agreement has been ratified. Thus, an unregulated EU is to be avoided-outlet.

+++ 18.27 PM: neo-Nazis staged at Nuremberg Nazi party rally grounds +++

A group of neo-Nazis marched on the former Nazi party rally grounds by the national socialists in Nuremberg in a torchlight procession. The Demonstration took place at the beginning of February and had not been registered, confirmed the police and the public order office at the request of the German press Agency. Previously, the Bavarian radio had reported about the incident.

It had more than posing a dozen Right-wing with torches, among other things, on the Zeppelin grandstand, in the 1930s, Adolf Hitler spoke. About the torchlight procession a Video circulated on the Internet. This is currently being reviewed, said a spokesman for the police.

+++ 17.41 PM: singer R. Kelly pleads in abuse of the process of not guilty +++

US singer R. Kelly (52/”I Believe I Can Fly”) has pleaded in the trial for sexual abuse in ten cases before the court, a verdict of not guilty. The R&B musician appeared according to media reports, in Chicago, in an orange prisoner’s uniform in the courtroom. These cases come from the years 1998 to 2010 and turn four victims. Three of the victims were at the time of the alleged abuse are younger than 17 years.

+++ 17: 33: Berliner Monkey Obi and Philippa after the outbreak back +++

The discovery of joyful Capuchin monkeys Obi and Philippa are after your outbreak is probably the house of the animal Park Berlin retained in the monkey. As the Zoological garden told, has captured the mother-daughter Team again, after it was gotten out last Thursday from the newly renovated outdoor facility. At least one of the Monkeys had temporarily climbed to the facade of a middle school.

+++ 16.26 PM: White house rejects allegations of unwanted kiss from Trump +++

The White house has rejected accusations by a former campaign staffer Donald trump, according to which the current President in 2016, against their will, kissed. The spokesperson of the White house, Sarah Sanders, described the accusations as “absurd”.

The woman, Alva Johnson (43), told the “Washington Post” that the incident had occurred in August 2016 at a campaign event in Florida. Trump took her Hand and bent forward to kiss her on the mouth. You have turned away then, her head and the kiss landed on the side of your mouth. It was “super creepy and inappropriate,” she told the newspaper.

+++ 16.19 PM: case against Ex-SS guard in the Stutthof concentration camp is to be set +++

The district court of Münster wants to drop the case against a former SS guard in the concentration camp of Stutthof. According to a report by the 95-year-old defendant is still not competent to stand trial, as the court announced. Because of a serious heart disease and a visibly progressive restrictions, he was no longer able to follow a criminal process, as appropriate.

In the process is accused of the man from the district of Borken in the charge a hundred times more aid to the murder in the German concentration camp Stutthof near Gdansk and from 1942 to 1944.

Stutthof concentration camp, He is said to have contributed to hundreds of murders – the 94-year-old Ex-security guard in court

As an 18-Year-old, he began his service as an SS guard in the concentration camp Stutthof near Danzig, with 94 years, he must answer to now because of the allegation, the hundred-fold murder, – aid in front of the regional court of münster.

+++ 16.13 PM: AfD wants to clarify the donations affair with the Bundestag administration +++

to cooperate, The AfD has announced that in the donations affair, all open questions “cooperative” with the Bundestag administration to clarify. A party spokesman said after a meeting of the Federal Executive Board in Berlin. All requests from the Bundestag administration “have been and continue to be answered fully, on time, and on the Basis of the best Knowledge available,” said the spokesman. It was in the “best interests” of the AfD, that all open issues would be fully resolved. According to the Reports of “mirror” and the ARD policy magazine “Report Mainz” in the past week, the AfD sent in the affair of dubious campaign donations from Switzerland to the Bundestag in part, obviously false donor names. The media referred to the in the matter and any other traceable activity of Konstanz.

+++ 15.17 PM: the SPD draws in a survey conducted with the Green equal to +++

The SPD is recorded in a survey for “Spiegel online” a slight upturn, and for the first time can drag on for many weeks with the Green at least. According to a survey by the opinion research Institute Civey, the question “Who would you choose answered on Sunday when parliamentary election 17 percent of the respondents with the SPD and The Greens would be”. The Enjoyed pulled even with the 0.1 percentage points on the Green. At the same time they enlarged the distance to the AfD, which comes in this survey, to 12.2 percent. The rest of the Numbers: CDU/CSU: 30.7%, FDP: 8,8, Left: 8,7, Other a 4.9.

+++ 15.02 at the Prime Minister of Hesse Bouffier of skin cancer +++

The Prime Minister of Hesse and Deputy CDU-ill Federal Chairman Volker Bouffier must be after a skin cancer diagnosis treated on an outpatient basis. As the Hessian state Chancellery announced in Wiesbaden, the head of the government on the basis of an unclear Befundes undergone nose surgery. “In the histologic examination, the Presence of a limited skin cancer was detected,” it said. The cancer should be removed with a already started radiation therapy. Bouffier will continue his duties according to the state Chancellery during the treatment.

+++ 14.37 at Cologne Directed decides: the carnival takes place from Weiberfastnacht until ash Wednesday +++

Now it is official: The carnival takes place from Weiberfastnacht to ash Wednesday – at least in Cologne, Germany. This has now established the labour court, the glad sense of a metropolis. According to the court, the decision goes back to the claim of a waitress. This had worked on a Friday and Saturday after the women’s carnival. In your testimony, you wanted to have, therefore, noted that they had also waited on tables “in the carnival time”. The employer took the view that Friday and Saturday were not in the carnival time. The the court now spoke, and gave the plaintiff the right. Although the carnival was not defined precisely, were the judges. In the Rhineland and, in particular, in the Cologne area and there is no doubt as to the interpretation of the term is. While the word “carnival days,” perhaps the only women of the night almost, rose Monday and ash Wednesday could be meant to refer to “carnival time” clearly on the entire span of women’s carnival until ash Wednesday, in the gastronomy, nature, days with a particularly high workload.

+++ 14.26 PM: short-time working at VW in Zwickau +++

Because of “supply bottlenecks at suppliers,” Volkswagen sends at the location in Zwickau Employed for months in short-time work. As a spokeswoman said, the work must be stopped in a production line for the Golf until the beginning of June. The factory management informed the employees the middle of last week. How many employees are affected, and which parts to do it, wanted to say spokeswoman. A second production line for the Golf, as well as the press shop and the Body shop for Bentley and Lamborghini continue to run according to the company, without interruption.

+++ 14.17: at Least 39 Dead in presidential election in Nigeria +++

In the case of violent incidents during the presidential election in Nigeria have been killed, according to election observers at least 39 people. The organization’s Situation Room, which promotes good governance, and more than 8,000 election observers has used explained. On Sunday, they had reported 16 deaths. Most of the deaths were reported in the southern state of Rivers, where it is often politically motivated violence. The organization criticized, among other things, “negligence” in the security arrangements on election day. In almost a quarter of the 120,000 polling stations were, therefore, not enough police officers.

+++ 14.03 PM: public Prosecutor’s office Hamburg: proceedings against Jan Ullrich provisionally set +++

The public Prosecutor’s office in Hamburg, a of your proceedings against the Ex-road Cycling professional Jan Ullrich on a provisional basis. Authorities spokeswoman Nana from Bach has confirmed to the star a report of the “Focus Online”.

Accordingly, the proceedings against Ullrich in accordance with Paragraph 154, paragraph 1, of the code of criminal procedure was discontinued. The investigators will not be able, initially, to a further prosecution, while the Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt weigh-in pursuing a more serious charge against Ullrich. Means Should also set the public Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt, your procedure would be to take the public Prosecutor’s office in Hamburg the procedure again.

The former Tour de France winner is suspected to have a 34-Year-old employee at the Hamburg airport in the summer of choked. A few weeks earlier, Ullrich should have choked a prostitute in Frankfurt.

+++ 13.59 PM: Tusk: displacement of the Brexit would be “sensible solution” +++

Just five weeks before the planned Britain to leave the EU has brought European Council President Donald Tusk, a shift in the game. A shift of the Brexit to a later date would be a “sensible solution,” said Tusk on the sidelines of an international conference in the Egyptian Sharm el-Sheikh. According to the previous planning in the United Kingdom on the 29. In March the EU is to leave.


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