Deciding if to consider an attorney or represent yourself in court for a case of drinking under the influence can be a daunting task. Driving under the influence is a crime; therefore, drunk driving is handled as a criminal case in court. You can represent yourself in court or have someone represent you. Most people hire lawyers to represent them.

Driving under the influence involves operating, driving, or physical control of the car while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, including over-the-counter medication. It is illegal to drive in some countries with a blood alcohol concentration above 0.08 percent.

Adults below the age of twenty are not allowed to have alcohol in their system. Drunk driving is a leading cause of death and traffic crashes. Driving while intoxicated puts your own life and the life of others in danger. With the assistance of reputable attorneys likeĀ Bryan R Kazarian, you’ll be able to solve your case in case you’re charged with DUI.

A Lawyer’s View of Your Case

It can be challenging for someone with no legal training or experience to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of a DUI case. Drinking under the influence of law can be complicated, and all case facts are distinct. Therefore, getting the opinion and assistance of a knowledgeable DIU layer can be very valuable.

Most DUI attorneys offer free consultations for their clients. But even if it involves a small fee, it will be worth it. You can bring along documents, including police reports, during the consultation.

If you have a list of questions, you’ll have the best chance to ask and get answers. Consulting an attorney doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hire them. Talking face-to-face is the best way to see if things will work out with the attorney you have in mind.

Driving Under the Influence Defense


Individuals caught drunk driving can seek the help of a knowledgeable DUI attorney to protect their rights. DUI is considered driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The DUI law can vary depending on the country or state. Many authorities prosecute driving under the influence and give punishments according to the law.

The Rights You Have in A Driving Under the Influence Case

You can remain silent and accept only blood, breath, or urine tests. You have the right to refuse other field sobriety tests. The other essential thing to remember is to ask to call your lawyer immediately.

During a drunk stop, you don’t need to answer questions apart from your identification, your name, and proof of insurance. DUI lawyers advise that you courteously decline to answer the question until you get the chance to contact your lawyer. You should not admit to everything or answer questions.

Despite feeling intimidated by the presence of the police, you should remember you have the law on your side. You should request to speak to a DUI attorney and then remain silent.

Driving Under the Influence Testing

DUI Testing includes blood tests, breath tests, and urine tests. The most common test is the breath test, usually done at the drunk driving stop. If you’re stopped for driving under the influence, contact a drunk driving defense lawyer immediately.

Driving Under the Influence Process


Drunk driving stops involve an arrest, traffic stop, or booking at the law enforcement station. Government lawyers will then check your case and determine if they’ll press charges. The drunk driving legal process is complicated and therefore requires the help of a defense lawyer.

Drunk Driving Penalties

Driving under the influence involves penalties such as license suspension, fines, jail terms, probation, and restrictions. The charges usually vary depending on the situation. An experienced drunk driving defense lawyer can assist in maintaining your freedom or lessen your penalties.

Driving While Drinking Attorney’s Fees

Once a person is charged with drunk driving, they may wonder whether to consult a lawyer or get the assistance of a public defender. Many individuals knowledgeable of the criminal justice system advise that it’s not a wise decision to represent yourself, especially if you face charges.

The fee required to pay a drunk driving defense attorney depends on the seriousness of the charge and the case. How much a DUI lawyer is paid depends on the complication of the case. If your case goes for more days than the average, the cost will keep increasing.

The reason is that there is likely to be more paperwork, witnesses, and reports reviewed, which would mean more work on the lawyer’s end. Otherwise, the fee depends on the success of the case.

How a DUI Defense Attorney Can Help


Driving under the Influence defense lawyers focuses on defending drunk driving cases. They are experienced in diverse issues involved and can fight to have the charge reduced or dropped. You can defend yourself, which is not a wise idea; hiring a defense lawyer is the best choice. Many experienced drunk driving lawyers offer their legal expertise at a reasonable cost. There may be free consultations.

The attorneys, therefore, have the best experience, information, legal techniques, and research that will help in your case. From representing you, protecting your rights, building a solid defense, and reinstating your license, Bryan R Kazarian can address all your defense requirements. A reputable attorney will try negotiating with the prosecutors and build a defense with your best interest in mind.

Bottom Line

Do not take matters into your own hands, especially if you are charged with drunk driving. You should consider retaining a DUI defense attorney. Drunk driving defense lawyers are experienced in DUI law and will know how to fight for your rights.

You are entitled to represent yourself in a drunk driving trial which it’s never a good idea. The trial requires a considerable amount of experience and learning. Lack of trial skills or legal expertise will disadvantage you during the trial.

Judges often have little patience for defendants who represent themselves in court and don’t know the rules. Having an attorney to represent you in court with be worth it instead of handling your case.