What fell like a Sack of potatoes into the water, is a Model. Splash. Her name is Julia. Maybe Lena, Melissa, or Cecilia. Who knows. Again and again she crawls to the head of the Three-Meter Board high, trudging as if through an extra-thick layer of Patex to the edge, Bounce, short air combat with the force of gravity, splash. From below someone shouts: “Give me a beautiful face!” This is Heidi. 1A Personality, 2B German. “Even if you’re frightened from the inside”, scrabbelt you, “this is the art of a model to dubbing.”

the water shoot. Boring. Interesting, only two of the aspects were. First of all, The photographer was the sister of Lana Del Rey. Secondly: In Los Angeles, it was raining. Quite different, however, Miami: Hot weather, hot and Horny video, Horny Shoe designer named Fabrice. And a handful of crazed German fashion magazine-aunts.

porno faces on the casting couch

The company trip from L. A. to Florida under the Motto “Casting Marathon”. Two tonnes of CO2 per Person, two tons. The candidate should self-Orient in the city and five appointments. We will spare us the Details. The only Funny thing about these Castings are already the types that promote their Fast Fashion fumble or something in Miami, what would you get in Mannheim, a thousand times cheaper.

As Fabrice Tardieu, a Frenchman, type Autotune Rapper who is stranded in the United States and its sneakers by using the “image” on the German market whup wants. Or the video to force the hand of the “Singer-Songwriter” (Wikipedia), Nico Santos, the name is actually Nico wave brink. Looking for a lead actress for his new Video. Description of the profile of the Director: “We need a natural girl, which has gantry, a night – unforgettable night in Miami, with the car to have a look around and to get on roofs.” Of course, all the buck had, driving a car is always good. The Models fläzten next to Santos on the casting couch and cuts porn faces. The task: Tell Nico without words, “This will be a great night”.

GNTM 2019 So romantic, your request was: Heidi Klum reveals private Details of the shipment

“You have to wow the customers with its appearance and Occur easy”, dictated to Heidi Klum your target audience into the poetry album. In the respect of Vanessa, bolt, career-bent Fright, quite far to the front, followed by the mental something broader Simone, which was in yesterday’s episode for a magazine shoot by the Everglades sail. Pop set the editor for the eternity: “The nature here is very rough, due to the romantic dresses we bring it in as a little Break.” A crocodile made a short next to the boat Stop, sponge, but, unfortunately, continue.

without Makeup and in her night-shirt

And then there was still the Ring’s history. A screeching “Tell, tell, tell!” and “Oh, how cute!” between Los Angeles and Miami, from Smartphone to Laptop. The Klum, without makeup and in her night-shirt, told the excited candidates, such as their four children at Christmas, came early in the morning with a tray to the bed. A box with the engagement ring. Where is Tom Kaulitz, the mastermind of the action, was at the time, not told you. He was also in the bed and scratching himself – for himself – his caveman beard? Or he was “scared inside” on the porch and smoked? And it Is actually something even more romantic when you share it with millions of people?


For the “precious” Melissa was this Time layer in the shaft

©Martin Ehleben ProSieben

A shipment an hour later, Klum was back in “Elimination”-mood. “Elimination”, what an ugly word. Melissa walked in, a sad upper Bavarian, for the of the was thrown out like a Cannonball from the Ten-Meter tower. “We are a family in Greece”, murmured the Klum hypocritical, “you will always belong. Do you understand?” Nah, don’t mind them.


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