Curved hull, triple tail on the rear and a particularly high-legged landing gear: The Super Constellation is considered by many as the most elegant Airliner ever to leave the Factory of an aircraft manufacturer. To the right is the four-engined long-range machine also referred to as the “Lady of the Skies”.

The basic model of the “Connie”, as the plane is affectionately referred to today, was built in the Second world war, Lockheed California, Burbank and at the beginning offered just 40 passengers. But in the course of time, the prop machine has been developed further, initially for the Super Constellation.

In the route network of the now-defunct airlines, Trans World Airlines and Pan Am were the Constellations, the distances between the continents are shrinking. With the 1952 for the first time introduced a Tourist Class and a capacity of up to 109 pass these aircraft were steamers to operate on the TRANS-Atlantic routes in competition to the Ocean.

Flying icon of an era Super Constellation of TWA last trip by Truck: fly-vintage lands at JFK Airport By Till Bartels

Also in 1955, re-established Lufthansa Super Constellation were used, later also in the last model, the Starliner in the Lufthansa Super Star named. Meanwhile, the tension had grown wide, a considerable 45,7 meters – wider than today’s Airbus A321. Even with strong Headwinds had to be scheduled for Refueling no intermediate stop in Ireland or Newfoundland. A flight from Germany to New York lasted at the time, still 16 to 17 hours.

Although the Constellations had pressure cabins, they flew in a height of 6000 meters, and often in the midst of severe weather. But much more problematic is the four Curtiss-Wright 18-cylinder twin-row radial engines proved to be. Because of their susceptibility to interference, the Super Connie was referred to as the “best Dreimot of the world”.

end of an Era

However, with the advent of four-engined Jets, the Boeing 707, the Douglas DC 8 and Convair 880, the end of the piston engine aircraft was ushered in. In 1958, the production was set to almost 900 copies of the three most recent variants. The last of the Connies, Lufthansa flew, only intra-German and were retired in 1967. As a cargo plane, there were dozens of machines are still an extension of the deadline for other Airlines.

Blog Follow Me Ju52: visit of the old lady in the ICU By Till Bartels

Also the only one in the world for passenger flights certified copy of the Super Constellation Flyers Association in Basel, is no longer allowed to withdraw since August of 2017. 20 million Swiss francs will be needed for a refurbishment of the wing. However, one of three in the state of Maine the Super Stars has been transported to the middle of may 2019-opened TWA-Hotel at JFK Airport in New York and will serve as a Bar.

The Aerojournalist Wolfgang Borgmann told in his latest book, “Lockheed Constellation, the Queen of the skies” this is an important Chapter in aviation history and is the basis of more than 100 full-color photos, almost 80 Black-and-White photographs, posters, and brochures advertising the Golden age of aviation back to life.

On the following pages of the photo gallery we show some of the images from the new release, which appeared in the motor book.

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