Eckart von Hirschhausen has tried a interval of fasting and the method of an impressive ten kilograms removed. About his success, he reported a year ago in the first issue of his magazine “Hirschausens star Healthy life”. Many readers have tried the “hirschhausen diet”. About your experience you tell and in the new edition that is starting today at the Kiosk.

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Wolfgang Sander, 70, retired from Much

11 pounds

removed “I was in the Sauna in front of the mirror and thought: ‘Wow, You’re thick! From the side you look like in the fourth month of pregnancy.’ I was between Christmas and new year with my motorcycle buddies for a couple of days on the road. All of those are serious guys, I needed me in the Sauna to be ashamed of my belly. But I couldn’t stand myself! I weighed in back in 92 kilos at 1.84 meters height. No pants fit more, the belt had all been a new hole at the far end. So far, I had taken the.

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… “, DR. v. hirschhausen’s STAR live a HEALTHY LIFE”. The issue is now on newsstands, or here to buy.

topics in this issue:

the success story of The Hirsch Hausen-diet: lots of tips on how to bring the interval fasting in everyday life of the vessels: What you can view the spotlight do for healthy veins and arteries: As the actress Miriam Maertens with your new lungs

I live on a farm. In order to supply the animals, move me, actually, throughout the day. That there is still more and more belly, I pushed on the age. But in the Sauna I knew suddenly: You have to do something. On the way back, I bought the magazine “Healthy life” – and on 1. January started with intermittent fasting. In the first three weeks nothing is happening. I wanted to stop! But then the pounds are tumbling down, suddenly, just so: Every day, 400 to 500 grams of less stood on the scale. This is a great feeling.

11. March, I had ten pounds down, and since then, I feel really good. Ten pounds, this is as much as a full water crate! Suddenly, the shoes reminds me of the bind, because there is no belly in the way. And also my blood pressure and my cholesterol levels have improved. Even my doctor was proud of me. And it was all so easy: I’ve changed nothing in my diet – a meal, Breakfast, is omitted. And even then I allow myself on the weekend, a “cheat day”. Still, I’ll take more. Not as fast as in the beginning, of course. But continuously. I am now back on my 82 kilos. Maybe I can convince you someday of my motorcycle buddies, the interval fasting a try. Which, unfortunately, are all fairly resistant to advice.”

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Ulrike Weis, 59, a clerk from Munich,

she lost 12 kg, and her husband, Armin Wies 20 kg

“My first step in the morning is on the scale, that’s always been my Ritual. I always hoped secretly that my excess pounds and fat disappear overnight. But it has never done anything. On the contrary: Every year, a Kilo of stood there on the display. Seven pounds in seven years, despite Sport and healthy eating – that was frustrating. And, although I regularly go to the Sport, and also not an excessive amount of to eat.

From the interval I have read fasting for the first Time in “Healthy life”. I like this diet right off the bat. Because unlike in the case of the “Brigitte”diet, I’m more likely to start of the year, you must make when Mr hirschhausen yeah nothing Special: no exotic ingredients to buy, and not complicated cooking. You just have to omit the Breakfast. It has even convinced my husband, and still had a few pounds more on the Ribs than I am. The only thing that fill me with real respect, was to omit just that: Breakfast. I always thought, if I can’t get any in the morning, nothing to eat, I can’t exist. Utter rubbish, this is all just in your head! Now I drink before I go to work, have a coffee and then back in the office and two to three cups of ginger tea. So I’ll keep going without Hunger until lunch.

E. v. Hirschhausen: Sprechstunde tips about interval fasting – so you can keep it!

in the Evening there’s, again, a warm meal, that’s good enough for me. And if I get time in between Hunger, I eat a sugar free ginger candy or an Apple. So I’ve lost twelve pounds, my husband Armin even 20! I’m so glad that I can make the interval fasting together with him. So I don’t have to justify myself for my new eating habits. And second it is also much easier! An example: On the weekend Breakfast, my husband and I always have plenty of rolls, Croissants, eggs, coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice – but only to 12 o’clock. Earlier, there was at this time the Sunday roast! Now, we keep up with the Breakfast locker to 18 hours, and cooking us a delicious dinner. Vegetable lasagna, for example, or Pasta.

I get up each Morning with a good feeling on the scale: it shows usually a few grams less than the previous day. That to me is my self-stitched clothes from ten years ago, fit again, is an additional incentive. If I wear one, I feel myself much younger.”

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Michael Reimer, 54, an industrial clerk from the Same

6 kg

not accepted”, The weight is to me not so important. What bothered me much more were the many cushions of fat on my body. I also know exactly where the come from: I go after work, often to the gym and afterwards in the Sauna. Then when I come around 19 o’clock to go home, I’m in the mood for hearty food: sausage salad, liver, cheese, Pizza, curry, sausages and a Knuckle. Late in the evening I ate a delicious ice cream – I prefer to eat Stracciatella! But it all fails stop mercilessly on the hips.

In March I started together with eight colleagues from my company with the weight loss. We have set ourselves a common goal: Each week, we wanted to lose 400 to 500 grams. Each was allowed to choose how he does it. Reduce calorie, more exercise, sweets, omit the – othe fasting level by the Interval. My boss and I opted for the 16:8 method. We both found perfect, because You don’t have to time to roll with liver loaf in the cafeteria. My daily rhythm, I have slightly changed: instead of going directly after work to the gym, I drove first home and have eaten something. As a result, I was a little later on the devices, and also later back at home – and so was able to skip dinner. Four hours before and after Sleep, nothing to eat – so I’ve lost in three months, quite loose six pounds and the excess fat that had bothered me so that was gone also. The others in the group have lost weight, in total, we have removed 35 pounds. Great, is it? In July, we bought 35 kilos of pasta and the ‘Board’ donated.

But then came the setback: As the common Slimming was over, also got my discipline is lost. I have in the evening, eat ice cream and Pizza, and in the fall, I had the six pounds back. So I started again with intermittent fasting. Because that’s the Good thing about this diet is that You can get started from now on. This time I want to keep longer. Maybe it works by I two ‘cheat days’ on the weekend treat. Because I would like to come below 100 cm circumference of the abdomen – exactly as Mr Hirschhausen.”

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Feray Ayri, 35, an employee at Deutsche Bahn, from königsbrunn near Augsburg, Germany

20 pounds

removed “I bought in January, the magazine, and on the same day with an interval of fasting started. The Lord Hirschhausen one knows from the TV, and I thought to myself: ‘it’s not so thick, why are they on a diet?’. But then I read his history: that he has in his Job, irregular working hours, and that he sits very much around – just like me. I thought to myself: ‘man, this interval fasting super fits you.’ And what can I say? I’ve tried it, and had already on the first day a success experience: I’ve been sleeping a lot better.

I work for the railway in the layer service. My biggest Problem have been cravings for Sweets, especially in the evening and in the night shift. Therefore, it was for me in the past always very hard to stick to a diet.

The interval is fasting, however, really idiot-proof: You don’t have to just look at the clock! With this simple Trick I have taken in a year, 20 pounds. And it is a good feeling to no longer have constant cravings. In the meantime, I consider the interval of fasting even more than “diet”, it is more likely to become a way of life.

I was always slim until I got married eight years ago. After that, it went uphill steeply: 20 pounds I increased in the first six months of my marriage, I don’t know why. And I couldn’t stop the weight gain, probably due to insulin resistance, I then had to even take tablets. Then I was in 2013, not pregnant, and also the pounds stayed on my belly hang. Shortly before Christmas of 2017, I weighed almost one hundred pounds and had the dress size 48/50!

in the Meantime, I’m back with a dress size 42/ 44. The first trip to H&M after so many years of specialty shops, which was simply great. I’ve tried on a Slimfit pants, and she sat like a glove. And I was able to stop taking the medication for the insulin resistance. This has motivated me totally, my life a total change. I stopped in 2018, with the Smoking – after 20 years! I have always hated me for Smoking. But I have managed never to stop. I was just afraid that I’ll then still thicker. Now I’m a non-smoker – thanks to the intermittent fasting.”

Recorded by Stéphanie Souron


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