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Update: According to the American space Agency, Nasa, the Insight is read landed a probe on Mars. You’ve set up on Monday against shortly before 21 o’clock German time on the Martian soil.

How does the Mars in its interior? How big is the core of the planet? How is he to obtain? Until today, these questions have no answers. The Insight probe, under the direction of the American space Agency, Nasa, is the responsibility now is to provide new insights and to break by the way is a record. Tonight at 20.54 PM German time, the device is expected to land on the Red planet, on the spot to remain and in the bottom of the planet to dig. In this way, researchers want to understand researchers better, like the rocky planets are formed in our own solar system four and a half billion years, and why they are so different.

If everything goes as planned. The concern: In the history of international missions to Mars hit more than every second to fail. The hope is that no one knows better to land on the Red planet as the Americans. From 20 o’clock German time, the Nasa broadcasts the landing live here.

needs to be set up “in the largest Parking lot of the Mars”. So, at least, the authority describes the area of Land in the plain of Elysium Planitia to the southwest of the great volcano complex in Elysium. What is surprising: There is absolutely nothing to see – yet it was necessary to consider as special structures from the vicinity. However, where there are hardly any larger stones or rocks, no suspension and no Lowering, a land robot stops with the greatest probability safe. 550 kilometres of Insight would be removed from Curiositys landing site, about 2,600 kilometres from the Spirit and 8,400 kilometres of Opportunity.

little by Little, lots of sunshine: A field in the plane of Elysium Planitia is considered to be a suitable landing site. Blue and green regions in this map, low lying area, yellow and red high Terrain. © Nasa/JPL/USGS (MOLA)

From the beginning of January they wanted to create in the level “the deepest, with human-made technology-hammered hole on another celestial body,” – said in a press release of the German center for air and space travel (DLR). Says: You want to dig up to five feet deep. Largely responsible for the record bore by DLR staff, he developed the Heat Flow and Physical Properties Package should be called HP3, and, due to his skills, also affectionately called “mole”.

Hammered at least until March 2019

The device hammers 50 centimeters into the Rock, then paused it, according to DLR. Such measurements can be, and the equipment is monitored before it is best if again 50 centimeters deep. The probe use a fully-automatic, electrically-driven hammer mechanism, and moving a measuring sensor equipped flat cable behind in the Martian soil. In collaboration with other newly developed devices to measure the inner temperature and with a Seismometer earthquakes, meteorite impacts, and all other movements of the record, the shake Mars.

Good old friends help to transfer the collected information to the earth. The room overflying Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and 2001 Mars Odyssey, the landing site twice per Marstag and serve as relay stations, so radio stations, for the data traffic.

© Jakob Börner Alina harmful angle

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“Since we don’t know what Surprises – such as by harder Rock – waiting for us in the underground, we are very careful and plan to reach the target depth in a number of weeks to March, 2019”, Tilman Spohn from the DLR said the Institute for planetary research in the message.

Because of the Insight to answer not only drilling, but also a number of scientific questions (How big is the Mars core is? What is it made of? It is a liquid or solid? How thick is the crust? How active Mars is? How often do meteorites strike?), is the Mission a total of two years on earth. A billion dollars, the equivalent of around 880 million Euro, issued by the leaders.


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