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What we do a third of our lives read? Sleep! Anyway, if all goes well. Why does the man at all, how many hours are enough and what will help, if we can’t go to sleep at night and in the morning as whacked to Wake up? These and other issues is dedicated to TIME ONLINE the focus on “Better sleep”.

take A relaxing bath, drink hot tea, a quiet walk (there are actually restless?), Writing in a journal, something to read, the body lotion and the dog cuddling (really?): All of this to let me better sleep. The App claims. “So your body learns best when the Moment has come to unwind from everyday life.”

The App Moodpath is the most popular and strongest sales German psychology App. The Berlin-based Start-up wants to be scientific and psychological, as the many Apps available in the mental Fitness Segment. Their Website is adorned with the marks of renowned universities, from New York’s Columbia to the Charité, with which the Start-up is working on the first studies.

“Better to sleep” “Better sleep” – a focus

It is the Season in which many feel they should make better winter sleep. Reason enough to devote ourselves to right now, sleep is even more intense. Why we sleep at all, what happens in the brain, sleep disorders are the new people’s disease, what rest know the research about our night?

All you read in the focus on Better sleep.


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