Migration is not a serious threat to public health in the target countries. Comes to this conclusion, an international Team of scientists have now published a comprehensive report in the journal The Lancet.

The Lancet and the University College London (UCL), the Commission for Migration and health to deal with the question of whether and how movements of people affect the health. And to the Refugees and to the countries to which they flee. The reason for the now published report, the adoption of the UN Migrationspakts next week in Marrakech.

The authors are writing, their results were contrary to common Fears, and the statements of many populist laid tischer politicians, that migrants, infectious diseases, one chleppten and a burden for the health systems of the destination countries were.

to get your statement analyzed the 20 independent experts from 13 countries, including the UK, Germany, and Kenya – more than 200 studies and summarized their results in two Meta-analyses. They examined, among other things, how migrants die in comparison to the population of the target countries. The result: Because they were on average younger, they died of rare diseases, such as cardiovascular, nervous and respiratory diseases: And these are the most common causes of death. Although they died statistically more likely to have tuberculosis, HIV, and viral Hepatitis (The Lancet: Aldridge et al., 2018), but all three are in Europe, very rare infections. Accordingly they fall into the weight.

Hardly anyone in the destination country, infecting at migrants

show the results of The Commission that immigrants infect mainly during their journey with infectious diseases if they have to spend in a confined space for a longer time with each other. In addition, some of the diseases are common in your home countries stronger than in the often richer destination countries. In addition, the data indicate that the General population of the target countries, infecting more rarely in the case of migrants. The diseases are instead transferred to the accommodation of the immigrants. The researchers write: “The stereotype of migrants as carriers of Disease is perhaps one of the most widely used and most harmful. However, there is no systematic relationship between Migration and the Import of infectious diseases.”

Among other things, therefore, write the authors of the report, it is important that the host countries did a better medical care liability, as it is currently widely the case. They criticize countries such as Australia, requests for the inclusion of reject, if someone is indicating, for example, to be HIV-positive. The result is that certain diseases were concealed and, therefore, cannot be dealt with properly.

It should be correct, but the report says that Refugees must be treated from countries with poor health care at the time of their arrival, in some cases, medical. This burden on the healthcare systems you should consider, however, is not isolated from the Benefits of immigration, is much higher. The authors are writing: “Many of the immigrants help to the health care and the increase in patients. So you can take care of homes, for example, the elderly, or work in short-staffed hospitals as well as care.”

In the UK, have acquired, according to the report, 37 percent of the practicing Physicians of their medical qualification in another country. “There is no evidence that migrants constitute a burden for the British national health system. They make up rather a large part of the British health-care workers,” writes Ibrahim Abubakar, Professor of epidemiology of infectious diseases, University College London and co-author of the report, in an accompanying comment.

in addition, Migration will do to the economy of a country, goes on to say: “In a developed economy, an increase in migrants in the adult population may increase the gross domestic product per capita of two percent.”

another part of the report is devoted to the health effects on children who were left by their parents to emigrate (The Lancet: Fellmeth et al., 2018).

*correction note: an earlier Version of a wrong Name to the quote generator. We are very sorry. The body has been corrected.


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