In the annual “Global Emotions Report” the opinion research Institute “Gallup” to be questioned people about their feelings. Of the approximately 150,000 participants in more than 140 countries, more than a third reported suffering from Stress. Thus, a new maximum is reached, which relates to the global level of stress.

Worry, anger, and boredom

the extent of other negative emotional States such as “Worry” and “grief”. Around 39 percent of the respondents claimed to be on the day of the survey concerned, while at least one in five in the survey, sad or angry.

city trip to Finland, Helsinki – the city in which the happiest people in life

Less than half of the people said something interesting, or to have learned. Three out of ten study participants would experience physical pain.

These and other factors result in the “Negative Experience Index”. In 2018, the value for the Index of the bad experiences is also at a maximum of 30 points is arrived.


Unfortunate citizen of the earth: The “Negative Experience Index” reaches a new peak


In the annual study, worldwide, interviewed women and men from the age of 15 to their feelings and experiences before the day of the survey. Questions such as “Did you laugh yesterday?” or “Were you treated with respect?” is intended to give an insight into the daily feelings of people.

Latin American countries such as Paraguay, Panama and Guatemala to lead the list of the countries with the most positive experience. The survey attributes the result to the tendency of people in Latin America would focus more “on the positive aspects of life”.

Chad as the most mournful country in the world

Chad has in the study, the highest score for negative experiences, followed by countries such as Niger, Sierra Leone, Iraq or Iran. Thus, the Republic is in Central Africa, the “pain-fullest and saddest country in the world,” summarizes the study.


The list of the countries with the highest negative values


More than seven out of ten Tschadern reported that they had last year, difficulties, to afford to eat. 61 percent of respondents people in the crisis-torn country said to have physical pain. Nevertheless, with regard to Stress, are countries like the USA or Greece in front of the Central African state.

Greece has, according to the study, the most exposed population in the world. 59 percent reported having on the day before the election Stress. Around 55 percent of the study participants in the USA reported that they were stressed.

Germany is expected to be in the study, probably in the midfield. “Gallup calls” in his report to the survey, only the peaks of positive and negative feelings.

source: “Gallup”


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