Burnout, Depression, anxiety disorders and other mental disorders, according to a new study, the most common cause of occupational disability in Germany. According to an analysis by the insurance, Swiss Life is a mental illness well over a third of life – 37 percent of cases – cause of the early departure from the work.

“Alone, in the last ten years, we register in this Segment, an increase of 40 percent,” said Amar Banerjee, head of the insurance production of Swiss Life in Germany in Garching near Munich. This is accompanied by is likely to go, according to the company, the increase of Stress, pressure and a lack of balance in working life.

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, The insurers analysed the data of its customers. According to mental disorders diseases of the musculoskeletal system follow with 24 percent of accidents, with nearly 14 percent. Swiss Life is not according to their own information in the case of disability insurance policies number seven on the German market, in absolute Numbers, the company called.

The analysis is consistent with Figures for the pension insurance of the Federal government in Berlin. In the case of women, 44 percent of the Profession go back to the Swiss Life-study of disabilities, a mental illness, men are 28 percent. In addition, women are more likely to be in a young age to be mentally ill, in the case of men, these diagnoses occur only in the second half of life increased.

Mental illnesses are more common.

diagnosed with a Particularly marked Trend in the long-term comparison: The statutory pension insurance scheme the Federal government paid in 1983, less than ten per cent of the disability pensions due to mental disorders, in 2017, it was already almost half – 41.186 of 83.583 cases

Also, the pension Fund registered in the past ten years, a particularly strong increase in psychiatric disorders: 2018 over 170,000 inpatient rehabilitation were granted due to mental illness, over 50,000 more than ten years earlier. Also, this corresponds to an increase of 40 percent.

the specialists of The pension insurance do not assume, however, that the Federal citizens are today more likely to be mentally ill than in previous decades. You suspect that depression, Burnout and other ailments today can be better detected and therefore more often diagnosed.

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