Moscow doctors have cured a woman who received serious facial burns

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow

Doctors of the burn centre of city hospital she helped the woman suffered while cooking in the kitchen. She received serious burns to the face when warmed eggs in the microwave, according to the website of the Department of health of Moscow.

“a Resident of Moscow, to save time, I decided to cook eggs in an unusual way – not on the kitchen stove and in a microwave oven in a container with water. When trying to get a spoon already boiled eggs, they exploded at the first contact with the subject,” – said representatives of Destava. Clarifies that boiling water and hot shell fragments hit the victim on the face, hands and neck.

It was immediately taken to a medical facility, where he was given first aid. Doctors diagnosed Muscovite burned by boiling water 1-2-3 extent of the face, neck, arms – 6% of the body surface.

To burn surgeons restored the skin, it took three weeks.

Experts have restored a woman to normal life by restoring her appearance without complications. The patient remained rough cosmetic defects.

Earlier it was reported that doctors removed a six-centimeter-man has a brain tumor.

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