What is it about?

The famous Director William Desmond Taylor wants to hire the private detective Hardy angel with a new case. But when the investigator shows up in his Villa, he finds the filmmaker dead on the floor and is suddenly a murder suspect. In search of the murderers of Germany, emigrated investigator makes the acquaintance with famous movie stars of the 20s, including the actress Mabel Normand and the comedian Charlie Chaplin. He will be assisted by the attractive Polly Brandeis, for the Hardy, more than collegial feelings developed.

Who is speaking?

17 hours and 34 minutes, the new adventures of Hardy angels in the audiobook version. As with the debut of the series Uve Teschner reads this time. Specializing in the crime Genre and hitting the bone-dry sound.

Why the audio book? Fullscreen

The historical Thriller “blood red carpet” by Christof Weigold, read by Uwe Teschner, is Audible as a Download available.

¬©Audio publishing Short pure blood is “red carpet – Hollywood in 1922,” Your browser does not support the audio element.

The strength of Christof Weigolds the first novel in his new work to the full. Already in “The man who does not play” was the author of a captivating mixture of fact and fiction: Hardy angel first case, played in front of the real Background of the Fatty-Arbuckle-scandal and the founding of the Motion Picture Association of America. For the new book Weigold dug himself even deeper into the early era of the dream factory, and up until today unresolved crime was the murder of Director William Desmond Taylor in 1922. In this real case, the author lets his fictional Detective Hardy angel identify who meets with a number of famous sizes of the history of film: the film star Charlie Chaplin, Director, Cecil B. DeMille, as well as the producer, Carl Laemmle. In this way, the reader learns by the way a whole lot about the early years of Hollywood.

What bothers?

the figure of The private investigator, the Setting is in Los Angeles, the gloomy history: Christof Weigolds novel clearly in the Tradition of Hardboiled crime fiction, in the writings of authors such as Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammitt. A key feature of the literature, a terse, laconic style, the text contained not a single superfluous word. You can’t say the same for Weigolds work. The book includes around 640 pages, and is occasionally quite talkative. Less would have been more.

For whom is the book intended for?

Good entertainment, which we also learn something: Christof Weigolds second album is one of those books that you can almost put my heart into it.

audiobook-tip “The man who plays” Like a private investigator the biggest scandal in Hollywood

reveals It is actually a harmless case, the Hardy angel accepts: He is to track down an actress. However, shortly after, dead – and the private detective in the midst of a scandal that threatened the very existence of Hollywood.

Carsten Heidböhmer


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